For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. But after that, the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared, Titus 3:3-4 

PRE-AMBLE by Robert
These teachings are from the Apostle Paul to the Disciple Titus on who he should ordinate, I am using Matthew Henry’s (1662 – 1774) commentary: “The matter of ministers’ teaching:, namely, those before mentioned: not Jewish fables and traditions, but the truths and duties of the gospel, of avoiding sin, and living soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world. Observe, Ministers in their preaching must keep close to the word of God. If any man speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God, (1 Peter 4:11,) and not the figments and inventions of his own brain.
This article is revealing what it is going to take for all to be effective teachers of 97508e257c7eea9aec8ed30eaa05d89f3563963924950639746.jpgYeshua’s word. In this oratory from Paul to Titus, we can see as individuals the measure of our walk. Some will say, those instructions were for Bishops and officers of the Assemblies, not the members, as there is less required of them. Leaders are to set the scene and teach accordingly. Perhaps if you listen closely to these individuals you will hear the worldly teachings that God is Love and forgives all.
We are going to find the important, one individual can play in setting the stage for each individual within the Assembly. There will be more knowledge of using one’s faith after learning how to deepen it. The importance of our demonstration is revealed for us to use as a reflection in the mirror of self-examination of our walk as an example.


Heavenly Father, bring our lives into unison with Yeshua’s teachings and guidance a795c9ca992c5e12ebbc83941263d05f7580049412187159171.jpgout of the darkness ahead. I pray Father not one believes they have all the answers and humble themselves before you Father. I ask Father that you release discernment and recognition unto all of our minds, that we may be safe and strengthened as we go forward in Your name. Lord bring us insight and courage to stand as bright Beacons drawing many unto your light in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. Fill us with your wisdom that we might share it as your love and compassion for those lost, confused, as well as lacking in their relationship with You Lord. We pray this in your name Yeshua AMEN AND AMEN


Someone queried me why I continue releasing articles as they noticed there are not many reading them. They also stated there are not many in the group or as friends on Face book. My reply went as follows. I shared what as an individual sharing Yeshua’s word should strive to compare himself to, that which Titus ascribed a Bishop should be. Please note: From Titus 1:8-10 But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy temperate. Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers. For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, especially they of the circumcision. Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake? Titus also warned in Titus 1:14 Not giving heed to Jewish Fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.

One thing I found, in all the research over the last 12 years. One person devoted to their walk, holding fast to their passionate beliefs, can inspire great numbers of people. People, they may never meet but will have an influence on, through their dedicated determination.

SHEPHERD 4Bringing one soul to a relationship with Yeshua, to me is, spiritually sitting with Yeshua, at the well, and as an obedient servant, fetching a drink for God’s children who are spiritually thirsty for truth. But don’t know about the living water which will quench their spiritual thirst.

I am shown through my, newly found gift of, eyes of faith, not only am I able to see our Lord working in the lives of His children but witness, angels rejoicing. when one child’s soul is turned to God Luke 15:10.

When it is recognized, we are constantly engaged in a spiritual battle, “one dedicated advanced guard, one Fisher of Men, one Disciple, one dedicated believer.” Demonstrating the power of true “imboldened faith.” Will inspire those who hold to faith, there is another level of faith they, too, can draw on, which brings on boldness to present their walk as a “dedicated victory.” 

When we encounter those without the spirit, keep in mind they are God’s children who are lost and are reacting to what they have been shown by Satan is pleasurable. We are all children in Gods eyes and must be seen and approached as His children.


haiku stairs, hawaii9052808768469728797..jpg Father in heaven, hear this petition placed before your throne. Strengthen those who have listened to your Son so they might as he did in your eyes deny himself and did not fear taking up his cross in your name Lord. Build within them Father the knowledge of your promises your word and oath to draw them to walk in righteousness as Yeshua has laid out for them. Fill them with your compassion so they may become a reflection of your light demonstrating your teachings as the Shepherds you desire them to be This I pray in the name of Yeshua, Amen and, Amen. 


But after that, the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared. 

This sentence raised a deep question, I recognized our Father was speaking about Yeshua being sacrificed. The question was how did those in the world after Yeshua was no longer present appear to those children who Paul revealed to Titus who 6d68b839246e8a926e8c6327d7bba1c9705398602012340697.jpglike, Ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another?” 

What special person was it, who appeared in our lives, and presented that cup which held the living water for us to sip on? Had God touched them to be a Fisher of Men, A Beacon on the Hill, A Disciple, or just a dedicated soul sharing the Living Water? What demonstration of their walk brought us into the light broke the scales from our eyes, removed the plugs from our ears, opened our mind to receive the truth and draw us from Satan’s imprisonment?

When I look at God’s children who remain in the world under Satan’s captivity I pray for the Lord to allow me to see what it is that has captured their souls. I base that prayer on the information the Holy Spirit revealed to me earlier in this article. God sees all of us as His children some in His Flock as sheep flourishing in the green pastures He has placed us in. 

45854a6dbf003adc528f9f344296728c7411874474719898561.jpgThe other of God’s children have been lead by a false spirit into the wilderness, giving Satan an advantage as the tempter. As he has them alone no friend to assist in prayer when he places his temptations before them. Observe, in an earlier article, we were shown our vulnerability comes due to ignorance of our Enemies strengths. 

This knowledge is important, as we become the kindness and love of God appearing in their lives, knowledge which temptation the Tempter has placed before them. Knowing, what places so much fulfilment in their lives, they willingly turn their backs on God? Is it one of the three basics in man’s foundation without God, Money, or Health, and finally Vanity (the world’s opinion)? Or is it all three or some other combination which allows them to reject God’s teachings? 

As people, It is bad not to do good ourselves; but it is worse to hinder those who would do good. Those cautions and counsels are most likely to be accepted, which are seasoned with love. Follow that which is good, for he that doeth good, as delighting therein, is born of God. Evil-workers vainly pretend or boast acquaintance with God. Let us not follow that which is proud, selfish, and of bad design, though the example may be given by persons of rank and power; but let us be followers of God, and walk-in love, after the example of our Lord.

Have you ever been around sheep? I have and because I have and understand why PEOPLE 502God calls us His sheep. Amazing I watched the flock stand by a pool of water and not one of them went to drink until one was lead to the pool to drink than the rest followed. I saw how stubborn and unmoving they can be. As well how at times they are oblivious to the danger which surrounds them. I witnessed with a show of strength on your part, how easy it was to lead them into an area you wanted them to be. I observed once they were in a pasture how contented they were just to graze on the grass because it was green and lush.

I pondered on this thought process, we as humans believe once we’re educated we have obtained a new level of understanding which gives us independence and control of our lives. What comes to mind is Romans 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

DOMESTICATED ANIMAL 014Our Father sees us as sheep, and we wonder why? Here is where our earlier observation, of one of the flock, having to be lead to the pool to drink is revealing. 

Which pool and pasture are those being lead going to? The next question is, [Whose] leading them to the pool? What is this leader’s agenda, and where have these leaders obtained their wisdom from? What story did they share, which influenced some of the flock to follow them to that particular pool and pasture? 

It is shown Yeshua sat at a well and revealed to a Samaritan woman there are two types of water to be obtained one where we are sustained in the flesh, but will always need that water. The other is “living water,” which quenches our thirst forever. He even identifies how and who you can obtain this water from. 

Our earlier observation about the sheep being stubborn and unmoving comes into play here. As in John 4:11, Sir, you don’t have anything to use to get water, and the well is deep. In John 4:14 reveals to the woman who can lead her to this water. “But those who drink the water that I will give them will never become thirsty again. In fact, the water, I will give them will become in them a spring that gushes up to eternal life.” 

So, here we are through this woman’s next statement in John 4:15 seeing how through her passive innocence like the sheep is unaware of the spiritual danger she is walking in. “Sir give me this water! Then I won’t get thirsty or have to come here to get water.” 

3a698a70695510bf9e7dbed658aa989d1338777743282784931.jpgThere are two pools to drink from. And as such there are two who lead those desiring to drink to those pools. Here, we see the pastures of green grass flourishing in both, and when we look into these pastures, we see one where the sheep graze in contentment, and occasionally one is lead to the pool as an example for the others to drink. The other pasture is lush and green, and the flock grazes leisurely. However, we notice there is no pool, yet the flock is content and continues to graze. 

The answer to the initial question is who is leading the sheep to the pool and what story was used to convince those of the flock to follow this leader to the pasture with the pool. The caution here is as we become learned, we do not become easily lead by those who want to as trusting sheep bring us to their pool to drink from continuously.

In our wisdom, if we as a part of the flock, recognize as a one of the sheep, there are those who don’t need to go to the pool to drink, and perhaps check with them, WILDERNESS 009“why?”

It is a great pleasure when one of the sheep in the pasture recognizes I no longer go to the pool and queries “why.” When we share how the spring within sustains us and the peace it brings for us to be in this Shepherd’s pasture. Able to graze leisurely without fear knowing there is nothing to fear and there will be even greener pastures to graze in. 

I through the “Eyes of Faith,” now see my Shepherd watching over His flock of sheep, am filled with overwhelming joy as I see and hear the angels rejoicing as another sheep joins the flock because I shared from my spring that they may never thirst again and will graze in peace. 

2868735889749cc41daf2da58f0003123195518346162872989.jpgRemember, these messages are given by a humble servant obedient0103db0c899cd0b8b69538e2367c4fdd unto our Lord Yeshua as a “Watchman.” This I pray for all. ”Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom, and humble dedication in service to Yeshua.“ “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength. In the name of Yeshua, we pray Amen and Amen.


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When we find ourselves in different life situations which spiritually appear as wilderness, there is an extreme example we can draw on. Knowing that trouble in our regular day to day life can be overcome by relying faithfully on the “words of God.” Thus being proven through the temptations Satan put upon Yeshua who relied upon the words of God in faith knowing His Father was with him. Yeshua knew that when he spoke “man should not live by bread alone” His Father was right there for Him. Yeshua knew when stated “we should not tempt God” His Father was there for Him. Yeshua knew when he rebuked Satan His Father was there with him. 

Each temptation was a measure of Yeshua’s Faith as it would be for me, you or all in the world, believer or non-believer. I recognize these are personal temptations for Yeshua. However, I too can use my faith in the words of God in any situation presented or threatened to be given in the name of evil we need to choose how to face it either spiritually or physically.     

This article is a followup to the message we received to do an audit of our faith and know where it is we stand within that Faith. We have been warned that an in-depth testing of our Faith the teachings we follow and those who are teaching is about to be upon us shortly. Thus finding yourself in the “Desert” as the saying goes being fired to see what metal you’re made of and being purified. We find ourselves currently in a spiritual desert being presented many temptations and fair speeches, and false teachings which will if accepted eat away like gangrene. If we have taken the warning to heart and conducted the audit, we will have an indication of where we stand in our faith and its’ depth and will also know how to use it against those various temptations and tribulations we’re about to be faced with.

The question, “have you been honest” about what you have found or are you placating yourself to satisfy the four fleshly desires Pride, Vanity, Luxury, and Sensuality? Here a careful assessment must be exercised on the part of all who have heard and proceeded with the audit.  I firmly believe we need to go back to the basics of our belief: https://i0.wp.com/romboughrobert.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/wp-1489857334080.jpg?ssl=1&w=450


So in returning to the basics, the Ten Commandments we now have a blueprint to use, so we stay in the spirit and not fall into the fleshly walk of Pride, Vanity, Luxury, and Sensuality. 

Each commandment is a guideline an example “Neither shall thou steal.” What immediately comes to mind is physical items which might be possessed. We need to go deeper with all the commandments and recognize; there can be theft in the spirit as well. The best example I can cite here is adultery which can be committed in the heart Matthew 5:28, But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. I believe the Lord is asking us to consider our Spiritual actions as part of our audit not just what we recognize as physical deeds. The commandments are the foundation by which we truly need to build our walk with Yeshua. The teachings of the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures will develop our Faith and will light the Lord’s footsteps for us to follow. They will assist in the defining of our position with Yeshua.

Remember I stated in the first article this audit is a personal one, as is our walk with Yeshua since no two walks will be the same nor should they be.  However, the resulting ending to those walks will have the same results judgment before God’s throne whether believer or nonbeliever.

Yeshua details the blessings one will receive spiritually if we place our foot in His footprints but also cautions what to expect if you do choose to follow His teachings and proceed in His footsteps (Matthew 5:10-11) Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. v11) Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. So armed with this knowledge when doing your audit understand the deeper you go with it, the greater the revile is going to be but as well the blessings. Here is a look at what is to come for those who do not walk with the Lord Spiritually. Including those who believe they are walking in Salvation but have not confirmed their walk is in the Spirit and not the flesh. They may find when the temptations and tribulations confront them they are walking in Pride, Vanity, Luxury, and Sensuality which the Father sees as a form of personal idolatry.  

The Lord speaks about those who do not walk Spiritually, in Ezekiel 14:1-8 and in 2Peter 2:1-22. Here is a glimpse in 2Peter 2:22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his vomit again, and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. 

Initially, I wondered why the Lord had included all in this message through preceding verses it is becoming manifest His love for all is apparent yet we know many will miss finding it.

John Gill (23 Nov 1697 – 14 Oct 1771) English Baptist writer and theologian identifies those who would be a godly man according to the notation of the word is one that has received grace and mercy of the Lord, as pardoning mercy, justifying and adopting grace; and who has principles of grace, goodness, and holiness, wrought in him; who fears the Lord, and serves him acceptably, with reverence and godly fear, and sorrows for sin, after a godly sort; who loves the Lord, and hopes and believes in him; who are regenerated and sanctified by the Spirit of God, and is a true worshipper of God and lives in all holy conversation and godliness; and particularly is “beneficent”, “kind”, and “merciful” unto men: such may be said “cease” when there are but a few of them; when their number is greatly reduced either by death or when such have seemed, and have been thought to be so, prove otherwise: in view of which, the Psalmist prays for help and salvation.

Matthew Henry identifies what would be considered making the times bad. Ask the children of the world what it is in their account that makes the times bad, and they will tell you, Scarcity of money, the decay of trade, and the desolations of war make the times dangerous. But the Scripture lays the badness of the times upon causes of another nature. We see those causes described by Matthew Henry in 2Timothy 3: Men love to gratify their own lusts, more than to please God and do their duty. When every man is eager for what he can get and anxious to keep what he has, this makes men dangerous to one another. When men do not fear God, they will not regard man. When children are disobedient to their parents, that makes the times perilous. Men are unholy and without the fear of God, because unthankful for the mercies of God. We abuse God’s gifts if we make them the food and fuel of our lusts.   


When you look at the definitions and see how they possibly apply to today’s society, it is not difficult to understand why Yahweh is calling us back to His laws. I see one man from the 17th Century describing what a God loving, fearing person should be. The second specifying what a person who is walking contrary to God’s calling would appear as. Both I believe what they were identifying describes our society and its current walk with God. They unknowingly I am surmising have identified what Political Correctness has brought us in 2Timothy 3: For men shall be lovers of their selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful. Unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.

Now looking at this description, I can see our modern day politicians, country leaders journalists, environmentalists, Judges, those caught up in environmental movements in this group, some of the leaders in the Worldly churches, but more than anything many of the population. 

Remember I am just the messenger and obedient servant of our Lord Yeshua. I publish what he shows me I believe even though we have been called to clean up our act and get back to walking with Yahweh in his laws being saved by Grace.

God’s blessings to all and may he bring the spirits of discernment and understanding upon all who read so what is revealed will be nourishment for your spirits and food for the soul.






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But the path of the just is as the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. (Proverbs 4:18)Transportation 0002

PRE-AMBLE by Robert 

I open this article as I have others with a prayer to our Father in thanks for those who answered His call to War as prayer warriors. And those who are seeking the narrow path to eternal life and peace?


I pray Father you continue to keep them safe and strengthen their fervor to succeed in overturning the evil before us remove all the spirits of confusion and division working through our great nations. Lord, I pray you will further deepen the hedge ANGEL & TRUMPET 2around our leaders and will continue removing the spirits of confusion, strife and discord from their minds and filling them with discernment and wisdom and a peaceful demeanor. I pray, Father, for those doing battle in your Name that you would continue raining down insight, understanding, and an intense fervor to uphold your victories and your words. I pray this in the name of Yeshua Amen and Amen. 

CLOUDS & SKY 056Amongst all the craziness being displayed over the last 18 months, there has been a dark pall building over the USA and Canada and their peoples. As the debates take place, you can sense the darkness descending over North America. The leaders and some pundits realize their country and the very principles it’s founded on are being challenged, but are unable to discern by whom or why. James 3:16 for where envying and strife are, there is confusion and every evil work. 


TRUMPET 15A shroud of darkness has taken hold of the people with its many hidden influences and temptations which are manifesting into reality; adding to the various Spiritual battles already being waged. The way through the darkness will be painful as many won’t have a light for discernment and guidance. Many will succumb to the hidden temptations within the shroud which has enveloped the multitudes.  

It is essential at this time all followers of Yeshua come together. And realize their walk is going to be ever so important. As shown in Isaiah 30:17 “One PEOPLE 652thousand shall flee at the rebuke of one; at the rebuke of five shall ye flee: till ye be left as a beacon upon the top of a mountain, and as an ensign on a hill.  

Our support has to be guided and aimed at helping each other as an army of prayer warriors; adhering to the teachings shown in 1 Peter 2:13-17. 

Matthew Henry’s (1662 – 1774) Commentary lays out a plan “A Christian conversation must be honest, which it cannot be if there is not a just and careful discharge of all relative duties: the apostle here treats of these distinctly. Regard to these functions is the will of God, consequently, the Christians duty, and the way to silence the base slanders of ignorant and foolish men. Christians must endeavor, in all relations, to behave aright, that they do not make their liberty a cloak or covering for any wickedness, or for the neglect of duty; but they must remember that they are servants of God.

KNIGHT 14Above is a formula which makes us Beacons on the mountain which can be used to bring forward the words given to us in Joshua 23:10 “One man of you shall chase a thousand for the Lord your God, he it is that fighteth for you, as he hath promised you.


The days of darkness truly are upon the World and its citizens. As followers of LANTERN 1Yeshua, we need to become BEACONS from afar that our brothers and sisters can bring peace back to their country and lives. My question to all followers of  “Yeshua,”  World Wide are you a Beacon or just a flicker of light?  Having won one battle and another looms before us as Prayer Warriors we must Identify ourselves as standing on the mountains as Beacons and not just flickers of light. 


Heavenly Father I come before thee as a humble servant and place before you, your Prayer Warriors and ask that you would strengthen them guide them protect them and most of all fill them with discernment that they may go forward in your name as bright Beacons illuminating the path to peace and eternal life. Amen and Amen 


Brothers and Sisters lift up your prayers begin the battle let your Beacons shine brightly so many might find the path to peace, unity and Eternal life. Discover within your walk the strength Yeshua demonstrated for us to understand what it means to be a “Modern Day Disciple”. Seek the wisdom God has offered us through the Holy Spirit which provides Yeshua’s light through his words, teachings and comforting. Know, we enter into battle each day by reflecting God’s light to attract those in servitude to Satan and offering them freedom and eternal life.

Remember, these articles are from a devoted servant of Yeshua as a Watchman doing His bidding to deliver His warnings. May our Father be with you bless you as you go forward in His name. Go forward bravely but as wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. 


























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Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death or of obedience unto righteousness? But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you. Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness. (Romans 6:16- 18)
Our Lord laid not his life down for his doctrine, but for his sheep.” Matthew Henry (1662 -1774) commentary John 10.

PRE-AMBLE by Robert


As my journey leads me along the narrow path through this life as a pilgrim, a sense of peace has come over me, recognizing I’m not alone. My stride is sure, demonstrating confidence, but not an arrogant strut. It shows determination, supported by knowledge, wisdom, and discernment received from the Holy Spirit to arrive at the destination of Eternal Life and Peace. 

There is a constant prayer for guidance and protection, never taking anything for granted, realizing this journey is through a war zone. The following link is for background support.



My question, will I be an essential companion as I journey? Pondering, am I worthy of travelling with this companion? Understanding, only a few will recognize, who my companion is, and why, He continues being at my side, even though I am a constant challenge to Him. What comes to mind is a quote from my article “GET BEHIND ME SATAN” published June 14, 2018. Matthew Henry (1662 – 1774) commentary reveals What many don’t realize the disciples committed many mistakes and were guilty of weaknesses, they were defective in their duty.  They were very dull and forgetful. And often blundered. Yet their master passes all by and forgets it, he does not upbraid them with their infirmities. But gives them this memorable testimonial, “You are they who have continued with me.” Thus does he praise at parting, to show how willing he is to make the best of those whose hearts he knows to be upright with him.

Now understanding the peacefulness in my life, even though, I’m surrounded by turmoil, unrest, and despair among those I’m reaching out too. What is being unveiled, by Yeshua, as my companion, is how to be as He is, “an unseen companion.” Who has lit the way to freedom, then align’s himself behind the scenes as a spiritual mentor and ongoing guide through the Holy Spirit as a messenger to those journeying through life on the narrow path. “Thus does he praise at parting, to show how willing he is to make the best of those whose hearts he knows to be upright with him.

This article will introduce and reveal as a sower of God’s word, love, and compassion we the “Modern Day Disciples” can be an ongoing “shepherd” as [is] Yeshua our unseen “companion” always there always ready.



Father in heaven hear my prayers as I lay your servants before your throne. I ask you, Lord, as an unseen companion, to raise your children up when they might stumble and fall. To Be there as our Father when times are filled with turmoil, but more than anything Lord show your children the depth of your love and compassion as you journey with them. In little ways, Father let them, sense or feel your presence, as they go forward in your name searching for that one lost soul. So they might be filled with the confidence they are covered and blessed. Bring them before your throne Lord that they might see your reflection and recognize what a silent companion is to them a shepherd tending his flock. We pray in your name Yeshua Amen and Amen.


The Holy Spirit brought me to John 10, to understand and discern, what my silent companion was offering. And if I chose to follow in His footsteps, what would be expected of me, to offer as a silent companion.


In John10 Matthew Henry (1662 -1774) explains how Yeshua revealed His walk for those who desire to follow in His footsteps. “Our Lord laid not his life down for his doctrine, but for his sheep.He described the gracious disposition and happy state of his sheep; they heard and believed his word, followed him as his faithful disciples, and none of them should perish; for the Son and the Father were one. Thus he was able to defend his sheep against all their enemies, which proves that he claimed Divine power and perfection equally with the Father. No weapon formed against our Lord Yeshua (Jesus), shall prosper. He escaped, not because he was afraid to suffer, but because his hour has not come. And He who knew how to deliver himself knows how to deliver the godly out of their temptations, and to make a way for them to escape.


Here is a parable or similitude, from the customs of the East, in the management of sheep. Men, as creatures depending on their Creator, are called the sheep of his pasture. The Assembly of God in the world is as a sheep-fold, exposed to deceivers and persecutors. The great Shepherd of the sheep knows all that is his, guards them by his providence, guides them by his Spirit and word, and goes before them, as the Eastern shepherds went before their sheep. To set them in the way of his steps. Shepherds must serve the sheep in their spiritual concerns. The Spirit of Christ will set before them an open door. The sheep of Yeshua will observe their Shepherd, and be cautious and shy of strangers, who would draw them from faith in him to fancies about him. I provide this link for the additional understanding of the dangers: https://romboughrobert.wordpress.com/2018/06/14/get-behind-me-satan/

Many who hear the word of Christ, do not understand it, because they will not. But we shall find one scripture expounding another, and the blessed Spirit making known the blessed Yeshua. Yeshua is the Door. And what greater security has the Assembly of God than that Yeshua is between it and all its enemies? He is a door open for passage and communication.

Here are plain directions how to come into the fold; we must come in by Yeshua. By faith in him as the great Mediator between God and man. Also, we have precious promises to those that observe this direction. Yeshua has all that care of his Assembly, and every believer, which a good shepherd has of his flock; and he expects the Assembly, and every believer, to wait on him, and to keep in his pasture.


Adam Clarke (1760 -1832) through his comments on John10:9 explains what our duty as a silent companion will look like as a shepherd. “Go in and out- This phrase, in the style of the Hebrews, points out all the actions of a man’s life, and the liberty he has of acting, or not acting. A good shepherd conducts his flock to the fields where good pasturage is to be found, watches over them while there, and brings them back again and secures them in the fold. So he, that is taught and called of God, feeds the flock with those truths of his word of grace which nourish them unto eternal life. And God blesses together both the shepherd and the sheep, so that going out and coming in they find pasture. Every occurrence is made useful to them, and all things work together for their good.

The modern-day hirelings posing as pastors ought to remember that whoever boasts of being the way of salvation, and the gate of heaven, shows himself to be a thief and an impostor.

And though few have arrived at this degree of folly, yet there are many who rely too much upon their own talents, eloquence, and labours, as if the salvation of the sheep depend necessarily thereon. In which respect they are always robbers since they rob the grace of Yeshua of the glory of saving the sheep.

God often puts such hirelings to shame, by not opening the hearts of the people to receive their word. While he blesses those who are humble, in causing them to be heard with attention and accompanying their preaching with an unction which converts and saves souls. Let every man know that in this respect his sufficiency and success are of the Lord.



Heavenly Father in all humbleness we bow before your throne filled with overwhelming gratitude for your patient teaching. Thank you, Lord, for raising us to a new level of discernment, love, and compassion. Thank you, Father, for revealing our value and worth to those who have been rescued into your flock and thank you for placing your guiding hand on us to nurture them forward as a shepherd having the spirit of your Son Yeshua for us to guide and nourish those in the flock as silent companions. We pray this in the name of Yeshua. Amen and Amen.


Praise God for having some months ago heard His call to return to His law. To sit down and do an assessment of our walk and relationship with Yeshua. Here we are now learning how to be as Yeshua, is with us, a silent companion.



Remember these articles are messages given unto a humble servant as a Watchmen sounding the Trumpet of impending danger ahead. May our Father abundantly fill your plates. God’s blessings Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hands. Psalm 149:6


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“God,” is not looking for perfection, he knows our commitment and what’s in our hearts and our spiritual intent.” Continue reading

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Godliness is always accompanied by contentment in a significant or less degree. Continue reading

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A proper understanding of the evil of sin, and of the mystery of a crucified Saviour, will enable us to perceive the justice of God in all his punishments, temporal and eternal. We must deal decidedly with our lusts that … Continue reading

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Children of God, stop coping with God start dealing with God. How careful should we be, not to cheat our own souls! There are many in hell, who once thought themselves righteous and on their way to heaven. We must … Continue reading

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Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. [14] But the natural man receiveth, not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.  1Corinthians 3:13, 14.

PRE-AMBLE by Robert

Over the years, I’ve read a number of success articles which are encouraging, inspiring and informative embellishments from those who have achieved their worldly dream and as a result are rewarded monetarily and what they believe emotionally.


Giving advice when you’re successful in life’s endeavors is one of the skills I associate with discernment and encourage it to become a common practice within your life’s journey of giving back or sharing your motivations and inspirations, in the hope many or some will hear your message. Gain courage to move forward in their life’s journey within their careers outside of the group referenced too in an earlier article “Being Unique” published June 4, 2019.

I see it as a skill each individual can use to identify and overcome their fears of the unknown or untried. I see it as a way of encouragement to those hesitating stepping out of the group. I identify it as a source of replenishment; it takes the sting out of the risk of your decision to function as a Unique individual outside of the group. It aids in overcoming your fear of leaving a perceived secure position for the truly unknown and perceived position of standing alone in the unfamiliar beginning of your adjusted life’s journey.


Heavenly Father humbly we approach your throne with this petition Father, fill us with your knowledge, wisdom, patience, and Love. That we may in spirit have the courage to spread your truth and witness about Yeshua’s precious sacrifice as your Son’s Disciples.  Bring us to a place where we may serve as your Disciples and shining Beacons of light, “Fisher’s of Men” capture the hearts and minds of those we gather that we may teach them to come before you. Cover us with your protective wings, strength, discernment, and bring your words unto us that we may minister through your Love for all mankind. Fill us with the spirit of “Goodwill unto all men.” In the name of Yeshua, we pray Amen and, Amen



I have stated my years have taught me lessons which I am more than willing to share in any way that will assist anyone who has a dream, no matter what that dream may be. The one piece of advice I can share here is don’t hesitate, trust your intuition and underlying gut feelings, move forward don’t let fear deter you; easier said then done if you don’t have the proper information. However, if you have been honest in your self-analysis, you should have discovered another skill of discernment, called “FAITH,” which will prove itself as one of the most powerful tools you will continuously use in your adjusted life’s journey outside of the group. Simply put, having “FAITH” in the understanding and information you recognize as the basis to your final decision as truth.


Perhaps I was different than most young people growing up, I envisioned my worldly father as being fearless, untouched by those things many around him did fear. I saw him having a simple solution to his fears, always facing them and moving forward. My father taught me that everyone experiences fear of some kind, even the most successful, he showed, “they have learned how to use discernment as a skill.” He stated not to let fear put me into a box, or let it entrap me, he identified it as a lack of understanding my real inner strengths. He related, defeating fear you need to gather information about what it is your doing to yourself. And use it to learn, what it is your allowing to block your faith in the discernment of your inner strengths and their use. He stated this is when you need to be completely honest with yourself, you can’t use compromise or justifications. If you’re completely honest, you will overcome fear and allow yourself to make the proper decisions in moving forward confidently and resolutely [having fortitude, inner strength, resolve, determination, and finally tenacity]. So you understand, my earthly father served in WWII as a Regimental Sargent Major. He enlisted as a very young individual and moved up through the ranks. Not to be prejudicial, he was a very Unique individual I knew as a man first, and a loving Father second, who I saw as the first Unique individual outside of the group. He stood on his strengths gained through life’s hard lessons. My worldly father was not a highly educated man, he was a life-educated man.

I consider myself very fortunate having his tutoring and insights into our life’s journey, which, as a man was willing to share those insights as a loving father. After figuring how to use a computer I am now sharing what I consider are insights of my life’s journey which fostered my successes on a small scale in comparison to what others have accomplished, but none the less are successes outside of the group. 


For those who are thinking this is just an article, I say to you, “I see it as a haven for those who are too busy.” “A haven allowing individuals desiring to be unique and separate from the group to accomplish their spiritual goals & achieve their spiritual dreams” but more than anything find themselves in an opportunity to capture time and to care for the most important thing “THEIR SPIRITUALITY” and Eternal life.

Without Spiritual well-being, none of what you might accomplish in the world, at any age, is of any value. The second thing next to your spirituality, is your wife and children, or your real friends, as their involvement in your life comes with a dear price tag which has been paid in full. Without spirituality, it all means absolutely nothing, if you don’t have the ability to share in a relationship, especially with your family.

I realized early in life, every five minutes I invested in my relationships was worth a 1000 fold return in my future with them. Just think a 1000 fold of returns in the future what a bonus.

I was at the bottom of the corporate ladder working in a box and looking up at all of those who have succeeded and unwittingly and unknowingly desired what they had achieved. Not realizing the price which had to be paid, to be where they are today. I didn’t see the spiritual sacrifices made or called upon each individual, to achieve what they had. I could only see they had achieved and blindly I desired the same. Like many, I dreamed about it and desired it. I had the enemies henchmen telling me I needed to know my position in this world and to accept it and move forward in it doing the best I could and being satisfied. 

Those words were like a jail sentence being pronounced over me, stating I was forever going to be in a box and should just be satisfied with that. Well, as you can see, I was not, and in my articles have shown how I climbed out of that box to walk as a unique individual outside of the group towards eternal life and peace.

I could repeat all the things stated in the articles, I won’t, what I am going to say is the following to those looking up at the successful ones. “Don’t,” “Stop,” keep your eyes fixed on your “Eternal Spirituality.” However remember this fact, “Goals are only met by building up to them one step at a time, failures occur when you try to attain your goal all at once.


“The desire to achieve your spiritual goal all at once exposes your weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and inability to manage a spiritual life at a different level and pace, even if you believe you’re ready. Attaining your spiritual Goal must follow a plan (Leading of the Holy Spirit’s teachings and guidance) of achievements over a period of time. Which you use as rungs in Yeshua’s ladder as you climb towards your final destination. Failure becomes a personal (Spiritual) measuring stick showing first our strengths and then weaknesses. It explains what we are really willing to accomplish in order to achieve. It exposes even for a brief moment the amount of control fear has on us when we’re face to face with it.

These are the three tools I used to gain freedom and build towards achieving my Spiritual Goal:


1). Recognize that your main goal will only be reached if you use minor achievements to attain your main goal. You plan to build up to your goal by recognizing what you need to achieve in order to move forward. Each successful achievement, no matter how small or big draws you closer to your goal as well as encouraging you to succeed. It is called working out your Salvation. 

2). Reality (dealing not coping) will teach you about failure and what it holds for you to learn about attaining your achievements by taking complete responsibility for those failings. You would be shown, failure becomes the foundation of information you stand on, in order to learn through those failures, how to achieve. Failure teaches you to gather further information through your mistakes, in order to fully understand how to complete the daily tasks required to achieve the tasks at hand, failure will show you what it takes personally (Spiritually) and whether you’re prepared to commit to that level of spiritual sacrifice to achieve. Again working out your Salvation. 


The Holy Spirit showed reality provides usable knowledge about our spirituality, in order to gather further information required to make the corrections allowing us to move forward, confidently, towards our achievements. Which, in turn, will bring us closer to our ultimate “Spiritual Goal.” The Holy Spirits final thoughts here taught me reality shows the real timeline we require to accomplish and achieve, it sets the pace we’re going to use or should use.


3). Now that we know the pace required, we should set out to gather information about what future responsibilities & commitments will be needed as Discernment, Understanding, and Wisdom. To maintain this level of achievement and use of the power that goes along with it. The first two steps I described, I see as a form of apprenticeship, allowing us the ability to accept the discernment, knowledge, and understanding, being exposed, in order to confidently receive them and apply them as part of our new Spirituality as we walk within business and life.


This part of the article details how I perceive service and how I desire to be treated when I am a client and have incorporated that desire as the foundation of my walk. It offers those who would partake in the service, an opportunity for completion, an opportunity to be more attentive to their spouse or soul mate, and especially too their children on a more personal level. Yes, these ideas offer simple solutions, but solutions with a personal touch and a desire to provide service above & beyond, which is my ultimate “Spiritual Goal.” It is more than a passion for achieving a Goal; it becomes a satisfying lifestyle. Serving to bring others to start achieving their “Spiritual Goal” of Eternal life and peace. 

I’ll finish this article here as again I believe there is a great amount to absorb understand and incorporate in your adjusted life’s journey. 


Remember, these messages are given by a humble servant obedient unto our Lord Yeshua as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ”Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom, and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.”  As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength 


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For, God is not the author of confusion. but of peace, as in all assemblies of the saints. (1Corinthians 14:33) Let all things be done decently and in order. (1Corinthians 14:40)
PRE-AMBLE by Robert
There has been an increase in suicides over the past three years, I strongly believe this phenomenon could possibly be connected to the teaching of Coping Techniques rather than offering resolutions by teaching the ability to Deal with life’s challenges both physically and spiritually.
Please note: the following information should, by those who are Secular, be PEOPLE 673

interpreted on a personal level and those who are believers, Spiritually discerned through the Holy Spirit. I hope and pray there will be those who will recognize this article as a method of personal discovery and freedom which will create a desire to make changes beneficially and personally as well as Spiritually.
OPENING PRAYER by Robert Miscellaneous 549

Heavenly Father, as humble children eager to learn we bow before your throne, pledging our spirit to you, Father, as a servant. We call on you Lord to fill us with discernment, so we may use the courage and integrity you have brought as the rock we stand on receiving the truth. We plead for strength to continue facing the truth about ourselves as we face our faults and shortcomings. Bring a wave of peace to our soul that we may go forward through all the turmoil facing our walk. Lift us up, Father, to see your glorious light shining through the darkness surrounding our world and lives. Lift the darkness from around us so we will know your presence at all times. Give us a dedicated spirit to recognize and help those who have fallen into the deception of emptiness and depression. Brighten our light so it might shine through all darkness sharpen our wisdom that we may cut all the cords emprisoning your fallen children in depression and the fear of loneliness. Bring to us the spirit of kinsmanship that we might lay down our lives for those lost and deceived. This we pray in Yeshua’s name Amen and Amen.
We are at a junction, which is asking to determine how we are running our lives,

FIRE & ICE 009

careers, and business. What important significance is it to know whether we are Coping or Dealing with Lifes twists and turns.
I am asking the following; is there a difference between Coping and Dealing? “I say Certainly there is.” But Why do the learned and highly developed secularists believe that coping and dealing can be or are one and the same? PEOPLE 513

When you analyze the word Coping, you quickly find it is a learned method of passive submission. Allowing those using this technique to subjectively justify events or occurrences affecting their lives and surroundings. Giving them a reason to accept into their being and ultimately their lives, a method to function unchallenged no matter what the outcome may hold for them personally and spiritually. Even to the point of creating a battle in their minds as their lifestyle as acceptable & unacceptable.
This leads to the individual actually questioning the very foundation used to support their moral stance and beliefs. What ultimately becomes the standard for Coping is not taking responsibility for any action good or bad. Because I can rationalize anything and everything in or around my being.
In comparison when you analyze Dealing you quickly realize this is not a form of passivity nor acceptance of rationalizations. It becomes immediately apparent that to Deal with a situation, you must first obtain sound and accurate information some of which may not be pleasant, however, it must be accepted.
To Deal means to face the circumstance or situation with all the information provided and take that part which it reveals as your involvement, in other words, what you really are responsible for or have caused to occur. Dealing means to come to a complete and final conclusion where you are done and move forward in stature. Dealing with a situation eliminates excuses and brings personal responsibility to the forefront.
Dealing charges us with accountability and becomes the foundation for truth which then anchors integrity in our ives giving us a clear view of a stable life. So, in conclusion, the choice is yours to define if you’re going to Cope with life or face it head-on and Deal with the events which may present themselves.
God will neither sever the means from the blessing nor join the blessing with the satisfying of man’s lusts. God’s mercy and blessing were never sought carefully and not obtained.
Personally, I try to deal with all my life situations as quickly and honestly as I can sometimes not liking what I am seeing and hearing. Because I know how easy it is to lie to yourself and just Cope with the problems.
I was inspired to re-publish this article with a few adjustments and tweaks, because of a business acquaintance in Toronto who sent out a plea to raise awareness of how serious the problem of Suicide is growing. Lorne (my friend) pointed out that this problem is usually kept in the quiet. He stated we should be open to conversing as he believes it will stimulate a potential life to turn around, ultimately saving a life, and yes I agree, with a conversation, lives will and can be saved.

Remember, these articles are given as warnings from a humble servant as God’s


Watchman bringing His warnings to the flock of impending dangers. I pray for all to be covered with Yeshua’s blessings. Be at peace and in faith as you journey forward doing God’s calling and work. As Yeshua said, be as wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Times are now, we must all be aware of our surroundings, and who it is we are dealing with. “And Yeshua through the Holy Spirit said unto me, “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

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But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. James 3:17 KJV PRE-AMBLE by Robert While researching various articles, it … Continue reading

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“Moreover, he said unto me, Son of man, all my words that I shall speak unto you receive in your heart, and hear with your ears. And go, get you to them of the captivity, unto the children of your … Continue reading

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He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strife’s of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmising’s.” (1Timothy 6:4)

PRE-AMBLE by Robert
It is quite common for a man to look upon himself as wiser and better than other men, and as fit to dictate to them. Such a one deceives himself; by pretending to what he has not, he puts a cheat upon himself and sooner or later will find the sad effects. This will never gain esteem, either with God or men. In this article, the Holy Spirit is revealing how easy it is to fall into being Prideful. He is going to show us there are two types of teachers both recognizing Yeshua, however, one messenger falls short in delivering the gospel. We will receive a lesson which was delivered by Apostle Paul 2000+ years but still applies to our walk today.


Foliage Background 024
Father in heaven, hear our petitions, Lord, to gain your understanding, knowledge, wisdom, and patience. Teach us to discern the power within each gift Father so we may be strengthened to endure as your Apostles did to demonstrate through our conflicts your love, compassion, and forgiveness. Place your words Lord so we may rebuke the work of the enemy sharpen our sword, Father. Bring unto us Lord the spirit of meekness, and humility, remove the spirit of arrogance and superiority, take from us any spirit of Pride. This we pray in your name Yeshua. Amen and Amen.



The Holy Spirit revealed, “For our Salvation to have any value in God’s eyes, it must be shared. The following is the background, we need to consider, as related by Matthew Henry (1662 – 1774) in his introduction to the book of Philippians. He reveals what we will or may encounter when sharing our Salvation and how Paul handled it. “PHILIPPI was a chief city of the western part of Macedonia Acts 16:12. It is most remarkable among Christians for this epistle, which was written when Paul was a prisoner at Rome, AD 62.

Paul seems to have had a very particular kindness for the church at Philippi, which he himself had been instrumental in planting and, though he had the care of all the churches, he had, upon that account, a particular fatherly tender care of this. At Philippi, Paul suffered hard things he was scourged and put into stocks (Acts 16:23,24) yet he had not less kindness for the place for the hard usage he met with there. We must never love our friends the less for the ill-treatment which our enemies give us.
This, information lead me to Philippians 1:15 where Matthew Henry (1662 – 1774) further comments on how Paul dealt with those in the Philippi church: “Paul shows the wisdom and goodness of God in his sufferings. These things made him known, where he would never have otherwise been known; and led some to inquire after the gospel. He suffered from false friends, as well as from enemies. How wretched the temper of those who preached Christ out of envy and contention, and to add affliction to the bonds that oppressed this best of men! The apostle was easy in the midst of all. Since our troubles may tend to the good of many, we ought to rejoice.
Tropical Paradise 42

Paul reveals to what depth the “Modern Day Disciples” will be required to shift their walk in order to recognize and then demonstrate God’s love and compassion, they will need “fervent discipline, sincere dedication to Yeshua and complete acceptance of His Fathers Laws.Here is where the importance of God’s earlier call for us to do an edit on our walk and return to His Law’s, comes into play and reveals the importance of how we see, understand and stage our relationship with Yeshua and God the Father. The following link will refresh your memory or for those who have not read it bring forward pertinent information to understand our position today.

John Calvin’s (1509 – 1564) commentary on Philippians 1:15 – 17 gives us a better understanding of how we as Modern Day disciples should be staging our walk even though it has been 2000 + years. “Here is another fruit of Paul’s bonds – some by maintaining their position, others by becoming more eager to teach – but even those who wished him evil were on another account stirred up to publish the


gospel. Some, I say, from contention. Paul reveals there are two classes of men that are stirred up by his bonds to preach Yeshua. The one influenced by contention, that is, by depraved affection. The other by pious zeal, as being desirous to maintain along with him the defence of the gospel. The former does not preach Yeshua purely, because it was not a right zeal. Those who truly loved Yeshua reckoned that it would be a disgrace to them if they did not associate themselves with Paul as his companions when maintaining the cause of the gospel. We must act in such a manner, as to give a helping hand, as far as possible, to the servants of Yeshua when in difficulty, for the defence of the Gospel. For since Yeshua confers upon us so great an honour, what excuse shall we have, if we shall be traitors to his cause. Or what may we expect, if we betray it by our SILENCE?

Adam Clarke (1760 -1832) in his commentaries on Philippians 1:15 gives us a glimpse of the foundation of those spoken of in the prior paragraph. Some preach Yeshua (Christ) even of envy and strife. These must have been the Judaizing teachers, who insisted on the necessity of connecting the Mosaic rites with the Christian institutions; and, probably, denounced Paul to the Jews dwelling at Rome as not only an enemy to the law and the prophets but also as a very imperfect Christian, because he declared strongly against the doctrine of circumcision and no doubt endeavoured to prejudice him with the heathen Romans.”
Continuing, Adam Clarke (1760 -1832) goes on to expose them for what they are and how they will appear to be. The word preach is not to be taken here as implying that the different persons mentioned were what we call preachers of the Gospel. All that we can understand from Paul’s use of the word is, that they proclaimed Yeshua as the promised Messiah, espoused the Christian cause, and contended, whether in public or private, that this Yeshua (Jesus) was the Christ; but nothing of this kind appears to have been intended in reference to the conversation of sinners.”
As “Modern Day Disciples” we must be cautious never to give into what Matthew Henry (1662 -1774) is describing “In the way to eternal happiness, we must expect to be assaulted and sifted by Satan. If he cannot destroy, he will try to disgrace or distress us. Nothing more certainly forebodes a fall, in a professed follower of Christ, than self-confidence, with disregard to warnings, and contempt of danger. Unless we watch and pray always, we may be drawn in the course of the day into those sins which we were in the morning most resolved against.”
Matthew Henry (1662 – 1774) enlightens how our walk should proceed on the narrow path “Kindness is the law of Christ’s kingdom, the lesson of his school, the livery of his family. Several motives to brotherly love are mentioned.


If you expect or experience the benefit of God’s compassion to yourselves, be compassionate one to another. It is the joy of disciples to see people like-minded. Yeshua came to humble us, let there not be among us a spirit of pride. We must be severe upon our own faults, and quick in observing our own defects, but ready to make favourable allowances for others. We must kindly care for others, but not be busy-bodies in other men’s matters. Neither inward nor outward peace can be enjoyed, without lowliness of mind.
We find that even while in prison Paul had his influence on the churches through the letters he sent forward. It becomes apparent our focus must always be demonstrating God’s Love compassion and Grace. We saw that even through his sufferings to bring Yeshua’s teachings forward, Paul’s demonstrations and examples brought attention to his ability to endure and continue the teachings of Yeshua. This is an example for the Modern Day Disciples to recognize no matter what the world presents in opposition to your efforts in demonstrating Yeshua’s teachings because you go forward your efforts will bear fruit as it did for Paul.
I was presented with a post on Facebook “A question was asked in the Bible, ‘how can one achieve greatness and the answer was; find a way to serve the many because of service to many leads to greatness”. I wrote back “The best work for our Lord is to be living examples of the words you speak. Words only entice, examples create desire and want of what you have demonstrated by those words, freedom, and peace. Experience shows if you live what you speak by putting forward a good example you will draw many to the light you have emitted into the darkness. For example; light a match in the darkness of night, watch what occurs.
This question and answer is the best example I can offer for the wisdom the Holy Spirit has brought forward of what makes our walk affective. I see why the Holy Spirit calls for our demonstrations to match our walk as Yeshua did. He lived what he spoke, he brought forward the power of His words through obedience to God his Father. The task of being a living example of walking in Yeshua’s footsteps is not without trials and tribulations. Our demonstrations of how we deal with the trials and tribulations will put us before those in the world as living examples of how God deals with us, for those who cannot understand. Like Paul, our sufferings will allow us to be otherwise known. This puts us in the position now to share with those desiring for themselves what we have.
Now, here is the most important part of this article at no time can we believe we are in any stretch of the imagination superior, more intelligent, seen in God’s eyes as extra special, as these thoughts answer the question; “Pride,” Does It Belong To You? Paul offered this answer which we saw earlier but will see it again as a final reminder of what our walk should look like. “Kindness is the law of Christ’s kingdom, the lesson of his school, the livery of his family. Several motives for brotherly love are mentioned. If you expect or experience the benefit of God’s compassion to yourselves, be compassionate one to another.


Father in heaven thank you for the knowledge and wisdom to recognize our possibility of falling into a prideful nature. Bring us the understanding to subdue this error in our walk fill us with discernment and courage to place it before your throne so we might receive the spirits of meekness gentleness and compassion. We pray Lord you will deepen our knowledge of the sword you have bestowed upon us Father that when we call upon you Father it will have meaning and strength. We thank you, Lord, for the leadership guidance and caring the Holy Spirit has and is placing in our lives. We pray this in your name Yeshua, Amen and Amen.
Please remember these are the words of a humble servant bringing forward the Lords warnings as provided by the Holy Spirit. I sound the Trumpet of a Watchman and pray you will hear and heed what is provided. May Yeshua bless all who hear the “Trumpeter’s Call”

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Our own power will never reach it; and therefore where this hope is, and is abounding, the blessed Spirit must have all the glory Continue reading

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“Even so, the tongue is a little member and boasts great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindles! And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it … Continue reading

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This offering is a repost containing some important details and information required to go through the malady currently before us. As the events earlier forecast are now manifesting it is wise to be preparing for further evil entering into this world. 


For those who are skeptical about our Father calling out to the masses to return to Him, this article is being presented on a humanistic level of understanding mixed with some spiritual discernment, “Let’s have a look.”

The politicians, leaders, scholars, and scientists are calling this environmental mess, Global Warming and currently Climate Change which we are being subjected to daily. In all of this haven’t you once ever wondered what actually is happening right before your eyes environmentally.

“Oh No” we’re too smart and in control of what is happening to listen, or even consider, that what is happening might be a call from our Father in Heaven, that it might be a Spiritual Call from God. We live in an information society, so it’s easier to believe some environmentalist or scientist, then it is to think God might be Calling me.

The comments are prevalent I’m as spiritual as you can be, I attend church and live a good caring life support my family & friends, how can you say that I have strayed from God? To answer your question as a messenger I’m not, that call is coming from the top Our Father God.

The following is how I was shown you have strayed from the flock and believe me when I saw this it woke me up in a hurry here’s what God pointed out through the Holy Spirit You go on in your annual feasts and rituals year after year piling the abominations higher and higher. Do you think your external performance of Religious services will serve as an exception from the Judgements of God? You can continue paying lip service to God and not reforming or humbling your hearts, do not think you can pacify an offended God, or turn away His wrath. For your sins will be punished with thunder {trouble} earthquakes {shaking}, storms {tornadoes, tempests {floods} and devouring fire {draught} {burning heat}.

Do we remain in the desert of understanding and shake our heads in disbelief thinking how is this possible that what is before our very eyes could be from God. Or do we do as He is calling us to do Repent and return to His flock? The answer to the question is up to you, remember I’m just the messenger.

Our Father through the Holy Spirit gave me this to share as part of the message of understanding as well. These are not to destroy but bring about distress, that you may not be brought to destruction, through your Repentance. This will be a humbling and mortifying experience, seeing your homes besieged and visited by evil.” In seeing your city and houses laid waste, you will know that the Lord has visited you.

It is time to comment on my past posts concerning your personal beliefs and walk within Spirituality or as some call it Religious beliefs. The postings I have and will continue to post are warnings shown to me to pass on to any who will hear them.

I believe like any caring Father, God is trying to bring his flock together trying to get those folks who have strayed from His flock to return to Yeshua’s teachings.

Many are saying what do you know? Who are you to tell me I’m not walking with the Lord! “I’m not” there is a saying Don’t kill the messenger, which Yeshua addressed in Matthew 23:37 and in v 38 tells you the consequences if you do, then in v39 reveals that He won’t be around until you return to Him.

Will these warnings immediately affect your life, that is up to you in how you interpret them and use the information they provide? They are not written to evangelize or critique any walk or belief but are shared as warnings to measure your walk with Yeshua and His teachings.


I am being touched by the Lord to be His humble servant passing on a series of messages He has and is showing me through the Holy Spirit. We live in troubled times and as believers and followers of Yeshua’s teachings know there is worse yet to come.

However, those in the world and without the Holy Spirit’s guidance and instructions, are searching for information to understand why these atrocities can occur and are not finding any answers as followers we must be cautious not to be Distracted.

Those with spiritual discernment and an ear to hear will discern and understand what is behind all the evil and atrocities both environmentally and on a spiritual and physical plain.

As a messenger, I have been shown that there will be few who will listen and even fewer with discernment who will react to the warnings, which is sad. In all of this, I am able to see what Yeshua means when he states narrow is the path and few thereat will find it.

The enemy plays on complacency within the ranks of Christianity. Satan uses our humanistic traits against us with little effort and is successful in all forms of temptations he places before us.

The one thing I am able to see, is most Christians stumble on their pride in the fashion of their walk. Many are puffed up many are learned and able to discern but closed to learning or furthering their walk as they believe they have arrived and are at heavens door.

I recognize, many, who walk with Yeshua falling into a routine of service which they believe is making them Holy and Pious. Remember we have no guarantee, but we do have salvation and walk under grace as we work out our Salvation and our future position in Eternity.

It is not my position to judge, nor would I, as I am not prepared to place myself on the throne of God which is the judgment seat.

However will pass the following shown to me as sound advice from Yeshua through the Holy Spirit as a measuring stick given in Matt 23 v1 Then spake Yeshua to the multitude, and to His disciples. v2 saying The Scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: v3 All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not. v4 For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. v5 But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries (biblical scrolls), and enlarge the borders of their garments.

We Know that in Matthew 23 the Lord also advised us in v9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Now we have measuring sticks to recognize some of our shortfalls, but it is up to us to use them as Yeshua has shown in this warning.

I pray, this warning has aroused your interest in looking at your walk honestly over the next period of time.


Heavenly Father I pray you will rain down discernment on those seeking fulfillment of your words through the Holy Spirit. I further pray for Father those who know the Holy Spirit so you will loose upon them a spirit of understanding so they might hear his promptings and teachings, this I pray in your name Yeshua. Amen and Amen
God Bless



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