Why would I celebrate the death of a beautiful country filled with those who cared about each other, cared about what they had, cared about what laid ahead in the future? A Nation who used common sense, personal intelligence and a belief that we all should look after each other with a true blending of belief, tolerance and understanding.

Why would I celebrate the death of common sense, brought about so those who existed in countries who did not know what caring and sharing meant, could bring their beliefs customs, traditions to my country (Canada) only to destroy what was; by demanding under the protection of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to have what they believe is their right; when it was right here for the taking by just simply assimilating into a society and nation which welcomed them with open hearts and understanding. So they really didn’t need the so called protection of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms signed into power in 1981. Those rights were here already through those who had emigrated earlier and gladly assimilated into a Nation of peaceful citizens practicing their beliefs, customs and traditions harmoniously as a Nation of New Canadians who knew what they had left behind and desired to develop a New Country, where they could practice their beliefs in peace without reliving what they had left behind.

Why would I celebrate the demise of a proud nation filled with people who cared, who believed and built a country the rest of the world wanted to be a part of? Why would I celebrate the death of the Canada I knew as a young man? Why would I celebrate what was legislated away from me, the right to use common sense and think about the well being of my fellow Canadians?

If we are to Celebrate then lets celebrate the rebirth of common sense let’s celebrate Our nation, Our Culture, the freedoms our forefathers fought so hard and died for during the First, and Second World Wars as well as the Korean and numerous Peace keeping  Actions  as proud Canadians, Defenders of Democracy and defended a way of life no where’s else in the World. We need to wake up, because today those very same Cultures and Freedoms are literally being stripped from us, under the guise of a Charter supposedly written to protect our cultures and our freedoms, which were wisely developed by our earlier ancestors. World War 2 was fought too stop an evil movement which fostered the domination and suppression of people, their freedom of belief, their freedom of speech and most importantly reasoning.

The World has and still fears a third World War, because of the possibility of a Nuclear holocaust. I believe there is a different enemy already among us fighting an all out war, and many are oblivious to it in the name of being {politically correct}. This enemy is using a different set of weapons, these weapons and skills are so honed they appear to be normal everyday parts of our enemies lives. These weapons are disguised as pieces of their culture which naturally are a part of their belief systems and everyday customs and traditions so easily disguised.

Now as a law abiding nation of peoples (Canadians) who before 1981 used common sense, personal beliefs and the will of a nation to build a Country everybody in the World wanted to be a part of. Now however because of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Act  passed in 1981, we are in a War as serious or even more so than the one fought in Europe against Hitler’s desire to suppress conquer and dominate as a superior race. At least in that era, Canadians could identify the enemy,todays War is different our enemy is an invisible, patient and skilled warrior.

The difference being, the enemy of that day was visible carried a rifle and was willing to stand before you and kill for what they believed in. Today the enemy is not visible and uses our laws and freedoms as weapons against our beliefs, culture and the very basis of what truly made Canada a place where the rest of the World wanted to come too, and believe me, if push comes to shove, they will kill for what they believe in, but they don’t need to as their victory will be through a peaceful submission through “Politically Correctness” .

There are many battles being fought on many different levels and fronts each small and at the moment appearing insignificant but as time goes by each will become more significant and dangerous to the eventual erosion of our Countries standards, laws, culture and religious beliefs.

The greatest weapon being used against us, has quietly but effectively been put in place and it is called being “Politically Correct” in the name of not offending our fellow Citizens. I remember the day when I could speak to my neighbor and state what was in my mind, whether it was politics or religious belief, without there being any offending or insult; because I was expressing a personal opinion to a fellow human being who perhaps had a different view point. It was understood that as a free individual I was entitled to believe what I wanted and was able to state those beliefs openly and without recourse.

Today for me to write or speak what I really believe could possibly put me in a precarious position with those enforcing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, because I may have offended or insulted someone. This is an example of how much freedom  we as a nation and people have lost since 1981 to an ill thought out piece of legislation which supposedly was going to protect our culture and freedoms. We just handed those wanting to suppress our rights and freedoms a weapon that could be used against us to bring about what guns and war couldn’t.

Our desire to believe that all mankind wants to live in a free nation that would allow them rights has opened the door for those who desire to rule through suppression and domination (perhaps not immediately but over time)  will occur and if we don’t wake up soon to this fact, it may occur quicker than we know, that day appears to be just around the corner as the foundation and basis of our laws are now being challenged as not being sufficient to deal with the beliefs of the many cultures which have become a part of our Society today. Set aside the politics and look at what is happening to us as a nation, a people, a culture; wake up Canadians wake up we have been asleep too long wake up it may already be too late.

My prayer to All Canadians whether you agree with what I have written or not, is for all Canadians to lift the mask of delusion, “that everybody coming to Canada wants the same peace we have lived under;” open your eyes and see that Our Nation, Our Traditions and Customs are being slowly stripped from us through our desire to please and accommodate and to have the World see us as compassionate.

The Canada which mine and possibly your relatives, families and friends believed in and fought for, died for and nurtured generations of peaceful, considerate, law abiding citizens is literally dying the death of a thousand slashes through “Political Correctness” and the desire for all to live in harmony under the umbrella of “Political Correctness”. It is with a heavy heart that I write this piece and share with you all but it is also with a heavier heart that I am witnessing a Great Nation of peaceful caring people dying before my eyes without even a fight because of “Political Correctness”.




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Yeshua as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ”Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom, and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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