The views in this publicatioafter being researched and vetted for accuracy within the quotes and examples mentioned. There is no intent on the part of the writer to demean, insult or judge in any manner. The purpose of this article is to inform through comparison of individual past performance and the results of the philosophies and policies instituted by previous government figureheads politically as a result.


Someone queried me “why I continue to question the actions of Premier Notley”? They also asked if I believed my releases would or could make a difference? To answer the Second question first, simply put “YES.” without a doubt   My response to the first question “as a young man my father taught me, how to recognize someone who is attempting to pull a fast one on me and others.” He pointed out “if you ask a question about a particular issue, and they ignore and avoid answering you and then set aside any information you believe to be pertinent to that matter; when you continue to query and suggest and the subject emphatically states they are standing their ground no matter what”. My red flags go up, and it’s time to dig deeper be very cautious and question everything you may consider becoming involved in or accept from individuals of this character.

I have used that life lesson for the past 55 years when dealing with people in all sorts of situations and found it to be very helpful and accurate. Being drawn to a particular statement, Premier Notley made in her press conference before the passing of the Carbon Tax bill ” I am not going to be influenced by any outside opinions this bill is going to pass”, “as it is the right thing to do”. So after listening to Premier Notley and hearing her position on Alberta’s Climate Change Plan and reading the AGM speech delivered at the NDP convention I firmly believe the Premier is like Eve did to Adam. Offering Albertans an Apple – a dream future filled with suppositions and what if’s. I am basing my suspicions of her actions within the Alberta Climate Change Plan on the fact she will not receive nor consider outside information on any of the issues presented by the opposition and the possible consequences resulting from Bill 20 being passed.

The Premiers fervent stand this bill was going to be approved without any acknowledgment to opposition amendments confirmed, to me, Premiere Notley has a personal agenda. Another item which drew my attention was her fervent position initially against the movement of oil and then making a 360-degree reversal stating she is supporting the pipelines. Her hiring of Anti-Oil advocates and then appointing them to a crucial fact-finding committee I for one believe there is something larger going on behind the scenes.

As I watch this video and now listen to the millions of dollars propaganda commercials attempting to sell this personal mandate of Notley’s.  I’ve come to realize this woman is unscrupulous and will use whatever tools available to push her  hidden agenda.

Premiere Notley will at the expense of Albertans foist massive debt under the guise that she is championing for global recognition of Alberta as a leader in the supposed Climate change agenda citing a better life and acceptance of our oil resources in Europe.

In recognizing there is a hidden agenda to Notley’s political moves and realizing the public has given her absolute power in legislating her personal mandates I speculated her future political moves and why.


The following information is just that information on what Premier Notley maybe up to in bringing NDP Socialism into being within Alberta’s political scene. To fully understand some of Notley’s future moves I am providing some defined social policies and political theories. I hope they will broaden the public’s understanding of how Authoritarian Democracy replaces Liberal Democracy (Which we currently function under).

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Humble servant of Yeshua, doing his bidding of calling his children back to Him. "The way in which God recovers and secures his interest in men is by giving them an understanding; for by that door, he enters into the soul." Luke 21:15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.
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