I am writing this article as a follower of Yeshua, not after any literary fashion but from the heart after meditation and fervent prayer, my answer I am about to put on paper is not in the spirit of judgment. The Lord has shown me the following question to share with all who would read hear and discern whether non-believer or follower of Yeshua, Jew or proclaimed Christian WHY DO YOU FOLLOW GOD, YESHUA (CHRIST JESUS). This sounding of the Trumpet is a spiritual audit for all and may the Lord bring discernment, understanding, and acceptance through it.

Yeshua has laid before me a question which appears as pure as possible yet when I am about to state my answer it becomes the most in-depth question I have ever faced. Initially, when I approach this issue, it appears to be one about my faith and obtaining salvation. I recognize and accept salvation comes to me through hope, faith and my acceptance of Yeshua as my savior and the only way to be in the presence of God. I recognize there are multitudes of gifts, crowns and all will be before the throne of God facing the final judgment. 

What I’m about to express is part of my answer of why I follow Yeshua and His teachings. When I study the scriptures, I see that God cannot nor will He have enmity in His presence.  So what I have surmised from the Scriptures is all will be judged. (Heb 10:12 – 23). 

So why is this important for all to know these days? What does this have to do with those who have accepted Yeshua and in hope and faith received Salvation? Why, would the Lord pose this question to all? Why would He have His Watchmen Sound their Trumpets, what is there to be warned about? 

When I first looked at this question, I quickly realized there was not going to be a right or wrong answer and that there would be millions of answers each being correct as it would represent the personal feelings of that individual towards his own walk with Yeshua. It became apparent what our Father was asking of me was personal yet He wanted me to share this as a warning. I believe after taking the time to thoroughly look at it from a worldly perspective, it was a call to all not to become complacent in their walk whether believer or non-believer.  

This question takes on the point of view of how deep Faith is and how it becomes a part of our walk and believe it or not non-believers have a form of faith they hold onto it’s just channeled towards another way of understanding or accepting what they think and believe in.

While ministering to a follower of our Lord who was (I emphasize was) suffering from a serious debilitating malady the Lord showed why we do not receive healings in the flesh. I have in earlier articles stated nothing happens in the flesh that it has not already occurred in the Spirit. Thus if we desire through prayer for the Lord to heal us in the flesh and we pray for it through the flesh it will not happen James 4:3 Ye ask, and receive not because ye ask amiss that ye may consume it upon your lusts. As humans, we have the following with us at all times Pride, Vanity, Luxury, and Sensuality. These are the things in the flesh which negate prayer only because we do not recognize them as part of our lives or simply believe they are a part of our personality. So realizing that even with Salvation for the Lord to operate fully in my life I need to develop and deepen my Faith. Knowing my walk now must be in the spirit and not after the things of the flesh, Pride, Vanity, Luxury, and Sensuality. These would be the stuff I would be serving if Yeshua healed me through the flesh. Then my awareness of having Yeshua in my life through having hope and exercising Faith and accepting Yeshua as my savior allowed me to obtain Salvation, but that was all nothing further at that time.

What the Lord showed me when asking “WHY DO YOU FOLLOW  GOD, YESHUA (CHRIST JESUS)” was I should be looking at the depth of my faith and what am I doing to deepen it or more so strengthen it, as well learning how to use it without a doubt. He wants me to do an audit on how many dependencies am I placing on my Pride, Vanity, Luxury, and Sensuality as I further my walk without me recognizing, sensing or realizing this is what I depend on.

Now I’m writing these lines as my answer to the question and believe the following is the most accurate assessment I can share of why I follow Yeshua. As Bunnie Marie (my wife of 26 years) and I go through the scriptures sharing our findings, discernments, and interpretations. We recognize Faith becoming one of the most important items in our walk and quest to draw closer to Yeshua.

So to understand how deep my walk was becoming, I needed to seriously look at whether I had just taken faith for granted. Because I had hope and faith and received Salvation and the Lord, changed my walk and was seeking after Yeshua was I thinking my faith was automatically going to deepen. 

What I quickly realized was the desire I had developed in the early stages of my walk to draw closer to Yeshua, however,  I hadn’t actually taken the time to develop a way of knowing how deep my faith was while drawing closer. Remember I was assuming it would automatically deepen and grow. As I looked at answering this question I realizes there was still a dependency on the faith which drew me into following Yeshua, which is not wrong just not deep. 

But there was no depth to it as it stood it was strong and permanently in place however if I was called to actually rely on my faith as Peter did when he stepped from the boat to walk on water when called by Yeshua. Would I even be able to do as Peter did until he doubted and sank? You see Peter’s faith when he stepped out of the boat was deep and without doubt initially then he realized what he was doing and sunk. Even Peter didn’t know how deep his faith had become while following and learning from Yeshua and what profound effect it had on him and his faith. Yeshua by calling on Peter to walk over to him on water was demonstrating how powerful personal faith can be without a doubt once we learn to exercise and accept it as such. 

When we take for granted where our walk is and where we believe it to be headed unless we stop and answer “WHY DO YOU FOLLOW GOD, YESHUA (CHRIST JESUS)” we may never see or realize the truth about our walk.

I ponder how our Father endured what he did while walking this earth and did so as an example of what it is going to take for us to truly follow in His footsteps. Our times are perilous and becoming even more so with the political and religious carrying on occurring. None of us should take for granted what may transpire in the very near future and begin measuring whether you have the depth of faith to step out onto the water as Peter did and walk towards our Father or heed His call to us for whatever matter. 

We can Verbalize our faith and believe in our minds there is no doubt or fear but until we truly are tested, and measured, will we know. When I am trying to understand how our Lord while walking through the crowds knowing there were some who hated him and what he stood for.

I see Him in my mind Yeshua walking peacefully exercising His faith that His Father was with Him protecting Him guiding Him. It is here I recognize how to deepen my faith how to learn using it, without a doubt, knowing that in all things I do in the Spirit are through Yeshua. As Yeshua knew His Father was working through His flesh so will He do through our flesh! Remember I stated nothing happens in the flesh that has not already occurred in the Spirit. This principle applies to all things Spiritually in our lives. So like Peter we need to step out onto the water in faith without a doubt and begin walking without a doubt in our Faith that Yeshua is with us in all things. 

Why is the Lord asking us to do an audit on our Faith drawing us into searching our walks? Teaching us how to deepen our understanding of how to use that faith no matter how deep our walk is or will become. Why is He including non-believers in this TRUMPERS CALL, what is it He is preparing all for? 


 The times are perilous, and the clouds of deception are becoming darker deeper and carrying greater craftiness, cunningness, deceitfulness, fakery and wiliness. They are going to trap and ensnare those who are not prepared to battle within the spirit who do not or have not prepared themselves to walk in Faith without a doubt that Yeshua is working through their flesh to guide and protect. There will be many who will begin a good fight but like Peter when doubt enters will succumb to evil presented to them. Know ye this all are going to be tested in the Faith no matter what form it is believer or non-believer. 


I pray that all will hear and prepare as there is a great Spiritual Battle coming in the very near future. This evil is not taking prisoners and is the foulest our time has ever seen showing no mercy. 

HEAVENLY FATHER I come before you as a humble servant and petition you Father to rain discernment unto all in this world that they would know and understand what is about to rain down on them Spiritually. Show them Father as in the days of Noah where they were dancing and partying what is about to befall them. I pray this in your name Lord in the name of Yeshua. Amen and Amen.

For what it is worth I am preparing for a great Spiritual battle to come, one most will not recognize, until it is too late. Brothers and Sisters in Christ hear this call and heed it and do your audit know the depth of your faith as it is going to be spiritually tested which is going to manifest itself physically. Whether you believe it or not and I pray you believe it.




About Trumpeters Call

Humble servant of Yeshua, doing his bidding of calling his children back to Him. "The way in which God recovers and secures his interest in men is by giving them an understanding; for by that door, he enters into the soul." Luke 21:15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.
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