Greetings to all Canadians and Americans it seems we are all being faced with this atrocity known as Islam and its followers Muslim’s. My position, so you understand comes from my walk as a believer, and Watchman for YESHUA. I am not an Evangelist not looking for converts and will not preach but as a WATCHMAN will sound the TRUMPET to warn everyone of what is coming and how it is being introduced into our society and the consequences if we do not wake up and take a stand.

THE FIRST STAGE BEFRIEND TO PERSUADE: After studying and investigating this movement, I recognize Islam is a movement, not a religion. The objective is to dominate the world and institute their beliefs under the guise that it is a religious belief. Muslims are taught the three stages are and will be fruitful, and history has proven it to be right. The reason for its success is IGNORANCE on the part of those this stage BEFRIEND TO PERSUADE  is subjected. The plan goes as follows with that objective in mind make the INFIDELS BELIEVE you are friendly lower their suspicions gain their trust.  So now knowing this it becomes easier to understand what Muslims have meant when saying their religion is PEACEFUL it’s a complete mask of deception. 

Muslims are attempting to convince those being prepared for this first stage to accept Muslims within the Islamic movement as friendly and trustworthy willingly. Keep in mind their motive is to do so to PERSUADE you this movement and Muslims are acceptable PEACEFUL individuals and the majority will and do APPEAR as such. Remember our research into these teachings clearly show the objective of this action is to conquer and dominate. This is just the beginning, and we see this ideology that Islam as BEING PEACEFUL is introduced into our society, somewhat weakened by the prior introduction of THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS agenda by Islam knowing it is a useful tool to weaken the population socially.

Muslims target a society which desires to be seen as TOLERANT and not wanting to OFFEND any friendly individuals and slowly set aside their customs and traditions. The ISLAMIC movement subtlety gains control through the submission of customs traditions and willingness of the subjects to accept ISLAMIC CUSTOMS and TEACHINGS as being POLITICALLY CORRECT. The general public recognizes they are being stripped but are being hindered now to react by their our laws governing individual rights here in Canada it’s our Charter of Human Rights and in the USA, I believe the first amendment.  

Whatever, this movement has established a strong foothold here in Canada to the point Muslims are now a part of our government holding down Cabinet positions and in control of a weak-kneed PM who believes they are peaceful. I think this is setting the stage for the implementation of the second stage. 

THE SECOND STAGE CREATE A DIRE SCENARIO:  Now having Muslims in our government Cabinet, it becomes easier for them to pave the way for the second part of their plan to be implemented. So what better way to do so than to introduce a motion which appears to threaten Canadians free speech M103 which has just successfully passed. 

We know now that the majority of Canadians 85% were against this proposal being debated and voted on. It created a division among Canadians whether it will be the introduction of Sharia law or as the majority of MP’s who voted for this motion as not being a law not enforceable, and we should not worry.  

BE WORRIED as it is a setup for Canadians to be so-called rescued by those true Muslims who would then, of course, be seen as heroes saving free speech in Canada. This is only a theory on my part but I wondered why Trudeau was floating this motion and the only conclusion is to set up the second stage CREATE A DIRE SCENARIO. Remember 85% of Canadians were against this evil motion. 

The second stage is to have the true Muslims in many different ways to rescue the infidels from any situation which appears as a disaster to them. Please have an open mind here as the individuals offering assistance in any form may be a part of this scenario to have you owe them. Thus the FRIENDLY MUSLIM’s would then appear as heroes. I cannot describe any situations at this moment other than the M103 motion creating so much dissension. But believe this situation is already occurring throughout many communities on business and personal levels. Remember each stage will lead us the INFIDELS in their eyes deeper into trusting them as well not seeing their real intent domination and implementation of the Islamic movement. This stage will take in those who believe they have been rescued and ultimately owing their rescuer.

This stage of the campaign also relies on our Societies naive understanding of the Islamic movement and the belief it is a peaceful Religion and Muslims are friendly and calm when in fact it is far from that. However, it does incorporate at this stage peaceful subtlety as a weapon to fool, mesmerize, and eventually, subtly take over by then it is too late. Then, of course, the final segment of this evil plan is then put into place. ASSIMILATE OR DIE:

THE LAST STAGE ASSIMILATE OR DIE: this part of the scenario is usually in place to clean up those who have not succumb to the first two stages. You see, the first two steps have brought approximately 65% of the population into the throes of Islam most willingly others through POLITICAL CORRECTNESS naivety believing we can be friendly to all forms of movements. Those who will most likely be in this category will be followers of Christ not willing to give up their belief and will be martyred through beheading.  This third stage is the complete capitulation of Canada and is entirely feasible and not a joke because we are already two-thirds of the way through the first stage. I know there will be those who will scoff at this information and state it’s pure poppycock speculation, my reply to them better have a serious look at your surroundings, and what has and is occurring WAKE UP it’s your life and many others. 

Remember these are just the findings and words of a concerned Canadian sending out a warning to those willing to hear the TRUMPETER’S TRUMPET sounding the alarm. God’s blessings and protection for all.


About Trumpeters Call

Yeshua as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ”Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom, and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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