Romans 1:28 “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,
God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things which are not convenient.” Apostle Paul A.D. 56.  

PRE-AMBLE by Robert. 

Our Lord works in mysterious ways and never ceases to amaze me of what task He is going to bring forward for His “Modern Day Disciples.” The following is an excerpt from an article I was shown. It’s content disturbed me deeply and through the Holy Spirit brought my attention to the desperation which is in our Society. It revealed just how deep Satan has penetrated our churches, governments, and educational centers to sow his tares. This excerpt from (As Tragedy Engulfs Nation, America Abandons God,) published by The Daily Signal, Commentary, Opinion April 2, 2018, written by Emilie Kao Director of the Richard and Helen Devos Center for Religion & Civil Society at the Heritage Foundation.)  flashes a glimpse of what might be happening in our society today. “As Michelle Goldberg writes in The New York Times, “Often when traditional institutions and beliefs collapse and people are caught between cultural despair and cosmic hopes, they turn to magic.” Self-described witch Dakota Bracciale says of the collapse of traditional religions, “It left this huge vacuum, and that vacuum had to be filled with something.” 


This article gives us a Carnal look and physical Logic describing basic physics. As Disciples, we should recognize the Spiritual aspect described in Matt. 12:43 – 45 there cannot be emptiness. If there is, it will be filled by something, and in this case, the previous link displayed describes quite well what that is. However, the Scriptures reveal how deep the evil can penetrate (Rom 12:45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there. And the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so, shall it be also unto the wicked generation?

Paul in Romans 1:21- 22 describes those spoken of in this particular article, he is listing the very things which have drawn our society away from the light and truth. I am quoting from my last article “WHY DO I NEED OIL FOR MY LAMP?” “So prone is fallen man to sin, that if the enemy sows the tares, he may go his way, they will spring up, and do hurt; whereas, when good seed is sown, it must be tended, watered, and fenced.

PEOPLE 502The last part of this quote is what I want to focus on, when good seed is sown, it must be tended, watered, and fenced. The article points out that there is a void between traditional religions and the population “Self-described witch Dakota Bracciale says of the collapse of traditional religions,” “It left this huge vacuum, and that vacuum had to be filled with something.” 

I do not want to believe her statement is right, I do not want to think that our Spiritual leaders have failed so severely our society has turned its back on God. If this is so then, there has been a significant failure in all the assemblies spreading God’s love and compassion. There has been a significant failure to communicate His love and gifts which go with it. There has been the loss of hope and worse the loss of believing God loves us all and will not abandon us. 

In an earlier article, “WHO OR WHAT IS THE ENEMY REALLY.” I had described SPIRIT 04And who grieve that her witness is so ineffective; that Spiritism and Christian science, and other “isms,” are sweeping thousands into their deceptive errors and has entered into the pulpits of some churches and brought about the feeling there was no difference between a secular and a religious walk. 

In this article, we are going to be shown the real work those who have taken on Yeshua’s mantle as a “Modern Day Disciple” will be presented. Our commitment is going to be stretched to its limits and tested to the most in-depth degree. We are going to have Satan’s smooth-talking subtle side exposed and then the actual depth of his evil fully exposed to our walk.

To fully understand what is transpiring, recognize Satan sows and leaves LANTERN 1his work to influence those willing to accept it without realizing the price. The link which leads to the article stating “The Public Has Abandoned God” is the basis for this call Yeshua is making to His Disciples. Our work is going to be cut out for us. This is an earnest call because Satan does not want to lose any of those souls he has captured, especially those threatening suicide, as those we cannot turn to the light if they succeed in committing that final act and Satan will have won that battle. As disciples, we should not accept this type of defeat.


Heavenly Father we have heard your call to be with you before your throne. We pray Lord for your wisdom and discernment to be with us so we might know your SHEPHERDwill. Loose unto us through the Holy Spirit all those secret gifts you hold for those saints worthy of there actions and depth of knowledge. Bring us into your pool of knowledge about our enemy so we may approach his minions and their deceptions and lies knowing it is our shield and buckler. Polish us to be a finely honed two-edged sword that we would use it skillfully and articulately to free those bound and held captive. Know Father we go into these battles as dedicated and devoted soldiers ready to sacrifice all for your deluded and lost children as we love you and them with all our heart, soul, and mind. Re-enforce our fervor deepen our faith cover our grace with your love and compassion cover us with your wings as we move forward into the deepest and darkest part of the “Den of Wolves”. Fill our reservoirs with your oil that our lanterns burn continuously and brightly lighting our path before us. We pray this in your name Yeshua. Amen and Amen. 


When I first read the article, my heart sunk and despair covered me thinking of how those walking in the world could believe they had been abandoned and there is no hope or rhyme or reason for this journey through life. I know what Ephesians 5:3-6 states, however, I also believe not all have abandoned God because they don’t believe in Him. They may at the moment think that is true however if we take another look at this whole situation I believe we will find the real cause the real reasons for this disconnect.

We recognize sin has an appeal to it for many reasons, Satan dresses it up to appeal to our greatest weakness the flesh. He attacks our desires to appease the flesh we exist in and willingness to be as comfortable as worldly possible with it. The key word in that statement is worldly. Most individuals do not believe being Australia 024sophisticated, and luxurious makes them covetous. They do however understand a greedy man makes a god of his money; places his hope, confidence, and delight, in worldly goods and his bank account.

As an example of not understanding our social environment, a disciple comes along and states your hope should not be in your wealth or possessions but in God. It then becomes difficult to bring the truth to one so convinced they are happy, comfortable and in what they believe is a peaceful life. Of course, this lifestyle and spiritual walk are going to appear more appealing as Satan, and his minions make it appear so and are not going to attack those they own already.  

It becomes our challenge to recognize the mindsets of those blinded by Satans subtle lies and gently bring an awareness of the Eternal effect this lifestyle eventually will bring. We must as living examples along with non-PEOPLE 602judgmental expressions of God’s truths show those who allow themselves, either in the lusts of the flesh or the love of the world, cannot receive God’s gifts we have passionately demonstrated as being a part of our walk. We must teach that what we have explained and demonstrated must be a part of their lives to belong to the kingdom of grace, as well to come to the kingdom of glory and its glorious rewards.  Our demonstrations must show we who were the vilest transgressors and once walked the same path as they are on, but repented and now believe the gospel, have become God’s children of obedience, from whom God’s wrath was turned away and go forward sharing His gifts which are priceless.

Matthew Henry (1662 -1774) explains in the following commentary why it is essential to approach this with meekness and wisdom. “Dare we make light of that which brings down the wrath of God? Sinners, like men in the dark, are going they know not whither and doing they do not know what. But the grace of God wrought a mighty change in the souls of many. Walk as children of light, as having knowledge and holiness. These works of darkness are unfruitful, whatever profit they may boast; for they end in the destruction of the impenitent sinner. There are many ways of abetting, or taking part in the sins of others; by commendation, counsel, consent, or concealment. And if we share with others in their sins, we must expect to share in their plagues. If we do not reprove the sins of others, we have fellowship with them. A good man will be ashamed to speak of what many wicked men are not ashamed to do. We must have not only sight and knowledge that sin is a sin, and in some measure shameful, but see it as a breach of God’s holy law. After the example of prophets and apostles, we should call on those asleep and dead in sin, to awake and arise, that Christ may give them light. 

FIREWORKS 013When I read the article every ounce of righteousness in me wanted to lash out, speak out, rush out, and show the world, they were wrong and what they were missing. The Holy Spirit placed a restraint on my fervor and lead me to Eph. 5:1-21 (v.21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.) where I was shown ministering practical Christian duties. 

Matthew Henry (1662 -1774) details our duties quite well.  “Because God, for Christ’s sake, has forgiven you, therefore be ye followers of God, imitators of God. Resemble him especially in his love and pardoning goodness, as becomes those beloved, by their heavenly Father. In Christ’s sacrifice his love triumphs, and we are to consider it fully.” Filthy lusts must be rooted out. These sins must be dreaded and detested. Here are not only cautions against gross acts of sin, but against what some may make light of. But these things are so far from being profitable. That they pollute and poison the hearers. Our cheerfulness should show itself as becomes Followers, in what may tend to God’s glory.  

Another remedy against sin is care or caution. “Time is a talent given by God, and it is misspent and lost when not employed according to his design. If we have lost our time heretofore, we must double our diligence for the future. Of that time which thousands on a dying bed would gladly redeem at the price of the whole world, how little do men think, and to what trifles they daily sacrifice it! People are very apt to complain of severe times; it was well if that stirred them more to redeem the time. Be not unwise. Ignorance of our duty and neglect of our souls show the most significant folly. Drunkenness is a sin that never goes alone, but carries men into other evils; it is a sin very provoking to God. The drunkard holds out to his family and to the world the sad spectacle of a sinner hardened beyond what is familiar and hastening to perdition. When afflicted or weary, let us not seek to raise our spirits by strong drink, which is hateful and hurtful, and only ends in making sorrows more felt. But by fervent prayer let us seek to be filled with the Spirit, and to avoid whatever may grieve our gracious Comforter. All God’s people have reason to sing for joy. Though we are not always singing, we should still be giving thanks; we should never want disposition for this duty, as we never want matter for it, through the whole course of our lives. Always, even in trials and afflictions, and for all things; being satisfied with their loving intent, and good tendency. God keeps believers from sinning against him and engages them to submit one to another in all he has commanded, to promote his glory, and to fulfill their duties to each other. 
Father in heaven hear our petition which we lay before your throne, Bring strength TORAH 1and courage to us that we might receive your knowledge, understanding, patience, your words of encouragement to restore those we encounter to see your love. Guide us to walk in your image, to speak as you would Father with gentleness, caring and a non-judgmental demeanor to demonstrate your caring and love for those who have or would scorn you, Father. Place in our hearts your compassion for all who are lost for all who may have strayed or stumbled and walk in guilt and despair. Be with us Lord as we reflect your light into the darkness seeking to restore those of your children who are aimlessly wandering. This we pray in your name Yeshua. Amen and Amen.

Do we really consider how much waste there really is in our lives? Do we recognize how quickly our life passes and how much of it we waste on what we believe is essential work, particular recreational time involving fun to appease our ego? Do we see how the minutes add up to hours and hours add up chiming clockto days and days up to old age? Where all of a sudden time is now important as we take it seriously to ponder how much we have wasted on special work projects or entertainment pleasuring and satisfying our egos. We look at the youth wasting the same time we did and state “what a waste.” Because we now realize how much we spent over the years, Then like a thunderbolt hitting us, we discover what we wasted that “Time is a talent given by God, and it is misspent and lost when not employed according to His design. ” Our short time here (James 4:14) is given to recognize the reality there is an Eternity ahead. Where there is no time and how we will spend that Eternity is determined by what we do with the short time we have from birth to death.  
We have two choices, one to entertain our spirit, the other educate our soul (Matt.6:20) to feed our spirit in Eternity. Whether you believe it or not your spirit is not going to perish. The flesh/temple it is housed definitely will, but the real person you are, (Genesis 1:27) that spirit is going to exist Eternally. How is determined by you and only you?

My question to all who think I’m blowing hot air “what if I’m right and you’re wrong then what?” That’s quite the gamble. “Oh,” I know your being lead to believe there is an “eternal party” waiting for you. Filled with all the things entertaining here in this life, “really,” Some are being told all paths lead to the same doorway to Eternity others are lead to believe we recycle through death until we find the perfect fit for our spirit. Then there are those who are telling you there is no such thing as a hell, it’s just a made up myth to keep you in line with their teachings. 

I wonder where these thoughts or pearls of wisdom, as some call them, come from. Who thinks them up who spreads them throughout society? Who verifies them as being factual. Many movements are attempting to search the past to prove we are descendants of some master race. Have you ever considered that we are very unique, very special in our design, very separate from all other life forms?

That as unique creations we have been given an exceptional talent and a period of time to use a special gift to work out how once the housing we call a body perishes. Answer the question attached to this special gift, will we again be spiritually connected to God or still spiritually separated and what will be offered once we enter eternity. Perhaps we should take a bit of our time and ponder to consider this statement.

You see the special gift we have been given is called reasoning power, not intelligence not education or degrees, but pure and simple, reasoning power to determine right and wrong within our lives as it is presented to us. We all start at the same start line and will MEETING 5all end up at the same finish line, realizing it was not a race but a journey filled with experiences set before us to use our gift of reasoning power to determine whether we use our time or waste our time. We all discover what that reasoning power is called in the end it boils down to one thing we are the only one who can affect our future it’s our sole responsibility. Yes, we can be influenced one way or another, but it all comes down to one thing our power of reasoning gives us a FREE WILL to chose our path. So when we look back at how we used our time, before we pass into Eternity. All that is reflected for us to see will show if we wasted our time and if we did we cannot be excused, as we were gifted like all with the ability to use reasoning power our “FREE WILL to find the truth lay up treasures and prepare for Eternity.”

Please, remember I am just a messenger doing Yeshua’s bidding. I do have a CANDY 004question in my final remarks. “Many will save and invest to secure a retired life which lasts a limited time.” Why do we not as unique creations, bring to the table the same fervor demonstrated in saving and preparing for retirement when it comes to getting to know Yeshua? But lose that fervor when it comes to investing in our spiritual well being which is going to last for an Eternity. The thought which comes to mind and I hear it a lot “I was just too busy in living life.” Just some food for thought. Remember your light comes from Yeshua. God’s blessings and Love.




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Humble servant of Yeshua, doing his bidding of calling his children back to Him. "The way in which God recovers and secures his interest in men is by giving them an understanding; for by that door, he enters into the soul." Luke 21:15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.
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