JESUS 16For, God is not the author of confusion. but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.  (1Corinthians 14:33) Let all things be done decently and in order. (1Corinthians 14:40)

PRE-AMBLE by Robert 

This article was first published in October 2014, on my LinkedIn site, after reviewing I believe there are valuable points both Secularly and Spiritually. There has been an increase in suicides over the past three years, I strongly believe this phenomenon could possibly be connected to the teaching of Coping techniques rather than offering resolutions by teaching the ability to Deal with life’s challenges both physically and spiritually. 

Please note: the following information should, by those who are Secular, be PEOPLE 673interpreted on a personal level and those who are believers, Spiritually discerned through the Holy Spirit. I hope and pray there will be those who will recognize this article as a method of personal discovery and freedom which will create a desire to make changes beneficially and personally as well as Spiritually.


Miscellaneous 549Heavenly Father, as humble children eager to learn we bow before your throne, pledging our spirit to you Father as a servant. We call on you Lord to fill us with discernment that we may use the courage and integrity you have brought as the rock we stand on receiving the truth. We plead for strength to continue facing the truth about ourselves as we face our faults and shortcomings. Bring a peace to our soul that we may go forward through all the turmoil facing our walk, Lift us up Father to see your glorious light shining through the darkness surrounding our world and lives. Lift the darkness from around us so we will know your presence at all times. Give us a dedicated spirit to recognize and help those who have fallen into the deception of emptiness and depression. Brighten our light so it might shine through all darkness sharpen our wisdom that we may cut all the cords emprisoning your fallen children in depression and the fear of loneliness. Bring to us the spirit of kinsmanship that we might lay down our lives for those lost and deceived.  This we pray in Yeshua’s name Amen and Amen.



We are at a junction, which is asking to determine how we are running our lives, FIRE & ICE 009careers, and business. What important significance is it to know whether we are coping or dealing 

I am asking the following; is there a difference between Coping and Dealing? “I say Certainly there is.” But Why do the learned and highly developed secularists believe that coping and dealing can be or are one in the same?

PEOPLE 513When you analyze the word Coping, you quickly find it is a learned method of passive submission.  Allowing those using this technique to subjectively justify events or occurrences affecting their lives and surroundings. Giving them a reason to accept into their being and ultimately their lives, a method to function unchallenged no matter what the outcome may hold for them personally and spiritually. Even to the point of creating a battle in their minds as their lifestyle as acceptable & unacceptable.

This leads to the individual actually questioning the very foundation used to support their moral stance and beliefs. What ultimately becomes the standard for Coping is not taking responsibility for any action good or bad. Because I can rationalize anything and everything in or around my being.
In comparison when you analyze Dealing you quickly realize this is not a form of passivity nor acceptance of rationalizations. It becomes immediately apparent that to Deal with a situation, you must obtain sound and accurate information some of which may not be pleasant, but must be accepted. To Deal means to face the circumstance or situation with all the information provided and take that part which it reveals as your involvement, in other words, what you really are responsible for or have caused to occur. Dealing means to come to a complete and final conclusion where you are done and move forward in stature. Dealing with a situation eliminates excuses and brings personal responsibility to the forefront. Dealing charges us with accountability and becomes the foundation for truth which then anchors integrity in our lives giving us a clear view of a stable life. So, in conclusion, the choice is yours to define if you’re going to Cope with life or face it head on and Deal with the events which may present themselves.


God will neither sever the means from the blessing nor join the blessing with the satisfying of man’s lusts. God’s mercy and blessing were never sought carefully and not obtained.

Personally, I try to deal with all my life situations as quickly and honestly as I can sometimes not liking what I am seeing and hearing. Because I know how easy it is to lie to yourself and just Cope with the problems. 

I was inspired to re-publish this article with a few adjustments and tweaks, because of a business acquaintance in Toronto who sent out a plea to raise awareness of how serious the problem of Suicide is growing. Lorne pointed out that this problem is usually kept in the quiet. He stated we should be open to conversing as he believes it will stimulate a potential life turn around ultimately saving a life, and yes I agree conversation does  

I hope this article has been of some assistance because over the past fifty-six years while being in business I’ve been Dealing with situations and recognize I truly have no stress issues and have lived a very successful stress-free 72 years. 




About Trumpeters Call

Humble servant of Yeshua, doing his bidding of calling his children back to Him. "The way in which God recovers and secures his interest in men is by giving them an understanding; for by that door, he enters into the soul." Luke 21:15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.
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