Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.
Mark 11:24

PRE-AMBLE by Robert

997edf6b00fa64a299c5c5f0d7f94c328125120033463841818.jpgIn 74+ years there have been interesting days, filled with life’s greatest roller coaster ride, one could experience. Highs which lifted me to what I thought was close to heaven, and lows which seemed bottomless and would never end fringing on Hell. In between were the days I spent fighting with me, fighting with a small truth nagging in the back of my mind. Why am I not satisfied or fulfilled, with this life something is missing?

After wrestling with this, for a period of time, today I can say, I found the answer to those questions. “Oh,” sure I could spout the usual cliches “I found the Lord,” [don’t get me wrong] and there is great pleasure in that fact, and precisely what this article is about finding that missing something.

The reason I avoid the cliches, they are overused and in my estimation have lost their savour, been heard too many times, like seeing a sign to many times nobody pays much attention anymore. So what am I looking for? What do I want to state, which will grab and hold your interest as the modern-day individual, who is educated, considered successful, and in your mind fulfilled and completed, fb_img_1562787655185according to the world standard? Look at what is surrounding you all that the world has to offer, what more is needed to be peaceful?

Can you as a modern-day person with all your Artificial Intelligence, fancy gadgets to save time, and instant communication around the world, truly comprehend the following statement. “God actually became one of us, flesh and blood, and for a short period of time walked among us.” Sure that was some time past, like 2000+ years, but think of it he actually was here. Yeshua (Jesus Christ), in his entrance, was God manifest in the flesh.

I guess for the modern-day individual the question is why would he, and how do we scientifically prove that? Would it be difficult for you to understand why God with all his powers, [as you comprehend in your worldly wisdom] would step down from His throne to walk among us?

I am sure your thinking, what was he looking for? So now this analytical mind you have is kicking in, if he really was God would he not have everything needed, as you compare your success to his greatness? Now comes the real question would you do the same, give up your success and rewards which bring you comfort and believed peace? For, how do they put it “for this pie in the sky unseen master of the universe”?

Now, that is the jist of the article, which will fill in the gaps of why I spent a good portion of my life chasing after what I believed would bring peace into my life. Until one day I actually discovered the answer to that question of who the master of the Universe really is.



Heavenly Father, as we bow before your throne and lay our petitions before you, we ask you to hear our prayers. As our days become more treacherous and dangerous, we pray Lord for your guidance. We recognize Father those who desire to harm or prevent us from doing your work, they do not accept you or your compassion, forgiveness, or love. We give praise Lord for the protection you place us under and acknowledge You alone are our helper and uphold our souls. We know Father you will reward evil unto our enemies cutting them off in your truth. We know Father it is You who will deliver us from all sin. This we give thanks for in the name of your Son, Yeshua, Amen, and Amen.


As Fishers of men, like parents, we must be caring yet firm I quote from the article ” REALLY, YOU ARE ONE AS WELL,” and like Paul, whose teaching was functional. Not about filling people’s heads with airy notions, nor amuse them with nice speculations, nor bring them into disputes. But teach, by informative and firm offerings, proclamations, and demonstrations, show why they need to know, who God and His Son Yeshua is, learn why they must be a part of their lives through the  Repenting of their sin. Declaring Yeshua as their saviour.

Here, is why I am approaching this differently, Paul related teach informatively, I take that to mean, first gain their attention, then speak at their level of understanding. Bring them information which can be comprehended but basePeter's sermon after Pentecostd on facts and truths. Don’t flower it up, be firm but direct. For me, it is to explain how I found the peace, so elusive, so sought after for so long and finally so easily found.

Explaining why God would walk among us, lightly detailing Adam and Eve as everyone knows that story, but few understand the consequence of being separated spiritually from God. How God loves us so deeply He was creating a way for man to reconnect with Him Spiritually. Because we did not understand our weaknesses, against temptations, which kept us separated from God, who allowed His Son Yeshua to walk among us, so we would know His Divine nature did not desert us, but through his son, Yeshua, supported us and brought comfort and value into our lives and opened the door for us to receive everlasting life and Peace through Yeshua’s daily sufferings and eventual sacrifice. To again be spiritually connected to God. 

And now, while we have God’s favourable presence, we will have found happiness, but, also recognize, those who once were with us in the world, now are hating us. Now, here is where we find Peace and answer, those questions, of what was missing; “Yeshua,” who is the only true peace, in him alone believers have it.

TIMG_20171023_015148.jpghrough him, we have peace with God, and so in him, we have peace in our own minds, and in his departure (Resurrection) was received up into glory. By this saying, the disciples improved in knowledge. Also in faith; so shall those who have found His peace, here and now, as well have improved knowledge and Faith. 

We ought to be encouraged because Yeshua has overcome the world before us. But while we think we are safe, let us be cautious, unless we fall. We do not know how we will act when brought into temptation; let us watch and pray without ceasing, that we may not be left to ourselves. As an assurance, this will not occur we have been shown our Lords invitation to daily, Dine, with Him as He will set a place for us at His table.


The Holy Spirit teaches men to be joyful under spiritual attacks: such exercises are sent from God’s love, and trials in the way of duty will brighten our graces now, and present our crown later. Let us take care, in times of trial, patience, and not passion, is set to work in us: whatever is said or done, let patience have the saying and doing of it. Romans 5:3 And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulations worketh patience. 

When the work of patience is complete, it will furnish all that is necessary for our B12856826fc2140e7894ed2d485c558db6005851207683057939.jpgelievers race and warfare. We should not pray so much for the removal of affliction, as for wisdom to make the right use of it. And who does not want wisdom to guide him under trials, both in regulating his own spirit and in managing his affairs? I believe we have a template before us in this link which will reinforce the peace we have found.  



Heavenly Father, I pray you will awaken knowledge and wisdom in your children to receive and discern your truths. I pray all will find answers in them and they will be LANTERN 1assisted in their journey on the narrow path to eternity and life. Blessings to all who go forward in peace sharing the Love Yeshua has blessed us with, may your lanterns shine long and bright in all parts of your journey in this life. God be with you all in your choices and decisions about your walk with your Lantern. God Bless and keep you safe on your lighted path. This I pray in the name of Yeshua Amen and Amen.”


The peace I have found fills me with this knowledge and joy described in MarkFISHERMAN & NET 2 1:17 And Yeshua said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you become Fisher’s of Men. To receive this mantel of what I would call peace in Yeshua, you cannot walk or float a spiritual balloon in the world. It requires a full heartfelt commitment to feel Yeshua’s peace rather than the worldly peace there is a difference and you will know it. It’s your choice. I have made my choice and have never felt more love and compassion within the peace which fills me now. Amen. 

Remember, these messages are given by a humble servant obedient unto our 2868735889749cc41daf2da58f0003123195518346162872989.jpgLord 0103db0c899cd0b8b69538e2367c4fddYeshua as a “Watchman.” This I pray for all. ”Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom, and humble dedication in service to Yeshua.“ “Blessings to All.”  As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength. In the name of Yeshua, we pray Amen and Amen.




About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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4 Responses to “DO YOU HAVE IT?”

  1. And yes, your comments were disabled. Otherwise I would have commented on it.

    I’m a real prophet. Not like you. I don’t do guesswork on what’s happening. The UK and UAE are vying for territory. The United States is getting caught up in that, and they really shouldn’t be.

    You don’t hear a word about what’s really going on. The Immigrants are not the locusts. The locusts are spiritual. They are what’s destroying the country, and making the trees bare. It’s what’s causing warm Januaries, and making the trees die.

    The Assyrian—whom you reference—are a lot more than just Terror Cells immigrating here. They are Antifa and Anonymous, too. The Media is owned by North African interests, and they are using it to demoralize the American public. They’ve been doing it since Vietnam. There’s really nothing we can do about it, either. Because we have free speech. But they are censoring productive viewpoints with the Search Engines, because the corporations are one of the enclaves in opposition to American interests.

    Most of the billionaires are titled nobility, who were born into families that married into the merchant classes. They have a desire to set up a government of their own. So with the African dictators, etc, etc. This will only be diffused if America doesn’t fight, because as Isaiah says, “The Assyrian will be broken in the land.” It will be a spiritual attack, not a physical one.

    When Joel speaks of “Maybe there will be a drink offering,” He’s speaking of after the devastation we’re witnessing right now in nature, there might be a rebirth of the plant life.

    I’m a real prophet. You’re not. Certainly not because you’re too unsober. Prophecy is sober. It’s not filled with leaven or politics.


  2. Robert. I’ll just lay it bare to you. Europe and Africa are at war. The two kings in Daniel are the UK and the UAA. You are so misled. Just have faith. I’ve revealed all you need to know.

    The immigrants are not the locusts. The locusts are something else entirely. I have knowledge of what’s going on because I see it in dreams. And God is telling me to tell you to stop spreading this slander and lie.

    “Do not oppress the foreigner in your land.”


  3. First, no article I publish is closed to comment, I checked this article,, and it is not closed, what you are experiencing is it being held in a pending state. This article was first released in 2015, while the migration was taking p[ace and went out as a warning. The use of Joel’s warning is not a joke, but an analogy of what was to take place, and was proven out over time.
    Time has proven this warning being accurate, the movement of individuals into EU open border countries were cultural armies. The decay of those countries socially and spiritually, to date, cannot be denied.
    As for watching the news as a source that would be using gossip as evidence. The moral decay of the social structures within each of those countries is again evidence of this cultural army having been effective.
    You suggest the move of this army was, in fact, immigration, I suggest you take a serious look at those within that movement there are no women-only young viral men, men physically fit.
    This movement was, in fact, spreading a belief throughout the European countries. Your suggestion, the unveiling of the purpose of this movement as a social decay. Is not an attack on those countries, is denying what we are witnessing to date of that movement.
    Many forms of armies can and do change social and spiritual behaviours. To state common knowledge and first-hand information of current events should be ignored is buying into the weaponry of this movement. Current evidence should not be overlooked.
    Your advice I am listening to too much news and need to calm down is, in fact, evidence you are using carnal thought, not spiritual discernment.
    My leading is not from a carnal perspective. What I shared is a warning for those who have an ear to hear, wisdom to discern and understanding to search out the truth spiritually. Not use worldly knowledge to determine their walk.
    The warning is not to instill fear but to inform, to allow those with spiritual discernment to know their surroundings. And what and who they are dealing with. Giving a heads up, to act appropriately.
    As a messenger I deliver what is brought to me spiritually, I do not sit in judgement of any part of the messages or comments, what and how each individual reacts to the message is personally their choice. You have expressed yours in your comments. Which I welcome, but do not necessarily agree with, however, accept as your opinion and perspective.


  4. You have comments disabled for “Our Perilous Times.”

    The reference in Joel is not to Immigrants. That’s silly. The reference is to an army that will rise up and sweep the nations. Revelation’s Sixth Trumpet, the 500,000,000 horsemen who sweep through and kill a third of the earth.

    Leave interpretation of the scripture to the most basic ideas. Don’t read into it with modern events. The conflict isn’t even East and West. It’s North and South, Daniel 12. What you see on the news is complete garbage. The fact is that people like to look at modern events on the TV and say, “This is evidence of this.” But, those events on the television are just parcels of information you’re allowed to know about.

    Just have faith.

    Also, there’s nothing wrong with seeing God being discovered in other cultures. That’s just a way to improve your faith. Herodotus has the dream Xerxes received which told him to go and conquer Greece. It was from the LORD Jesus. It’s not in the Bible, but neither is Esdras or Pilgrim’s Progress. Prophecies are real, and gentiles can sometimes have prophecies, too.

    You need to calm down there, and stop watching the news. The word God gave me was for His people to rest, perilous times are coming, which the people do not know. The trees are already dying here in Pennsylvania from climate change. You need to just repent in ashes and sackcloth. That doesn’t mean literal ashes and sackcloth. That means examine your life, and see where you’re erring. Because Death has entered into the world, and he’s deceiving the nations to start a war. You should pray that there isn’t a war.


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