Team Trudeau: Gerry Hawes’ Child Pornography Arrest

Does Team Trudeau Loves Pedophiles?

If news of Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara’s arrest for assault didn’t upset the Liberal Party’s apple cart, news that Gerry Hawes, a longtime Liberal Party insider, was arrested for child pornography most certainly will.

On June 11, 2020, 58-year-old Gerry Hawes, who worked for Party in various backroom roles for 30 years, was arrested and charged with accessing and possessing child pornography.

A four-month investigation led to police executing a search warrant on Gerry Hawes’ home on May 5, 2020. After the results of computer and other evidence was examined, Hawes was arrested and charged a week later.

A member of “Team Trudeau” during the 2019 federal election, Hawes is now disowned by the party he devoted his life to. While the Liberal Party immediately scrubbed all references of Hawes from its website, “the internet is forever” and you can read a copy of the failed 2019 Simcoe North candidate’s page at: https://web.archive.org/web/20191128225527/https://gerryhawes.liberal.ca/

In light of the child porn charges against Hawes, the opening line of his 2019 candidate page may read a little creepy to some.

Gerry Hawes, a lifelong resident of Orillia, is in tune with the hopes and needs of the people of Simcoe North.

His Team Trudeau bio ends with this:

Gerry knows what Simcoe North needs and will work tirelessly with Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team to deliver real results.

Thankfully, the good people of Simcoe North are not in tune with the hopes and needs of a former Liberal Party candidate arrested for child pornography.

The Liberal Party says Hawes has “no current role” in the Party.

“While the Simcoe North Federal Liberal Association and the Liberal Party of Canada had no previous knowledge of these charges, they are deeply troubling to local volunteers and the community, and the party takes the matter very seriously,” said Liberal party spokesperson Matteo Rossi in a prepared statement.

OPP Central Region Communications director Sgt. Jason Folz said members of the OPP’s Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, Digital Forensic Unit, and Orillia OPP Detachment Crime Unit arrested and charged Hawes after a lengthy investigation into child sexual abuse materials.

Gerry Hawes’ next court appearance is scheduled for August 25, 2020, at the Ontario Court of Justice in Orillia.

In related news…

On June 10, 2020, a 47 year old Guelph male was also arrested and charged with accessing, possessing and distributing child pornography. It is not known if the two cases are connected.

Amy MacPherson, the cousin of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, has claimed for years the Prime Minister is connected to a long-standing coverup of child sex abuse allegations inside the Liberal Party.

On March 22, 2018, she penned a lengthy letter to the Prime Minister and published it on her blog.

“I tried writing to you first, as the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Canada, but you ignored it. So I’m trying again now, as your cousin-in-law instead. I’m hopeful that addressing you personally will help us overcome the communication barrier that’s been erected to insulate you from some deeply troubling developments. I regret that professional attempts to resolve this were unsuccessful and I had to resort to a family intervention to get your attention. This is about a brewing child sex scandal and the kids are still in danger, ‘under a Trudeau roof‘. We need to speak about this frankly and immediately, before any more damage can be done.”

It’s not an internet myth and several criminal charges are laid, into the double-digits. Some of them were even against your flatmate, but that’s the part you did know. What I need to discuss is the growing number of child sex victims since he pleaded guilty, and the family looked away to cleanse its Liberal soul. Because everyone closed their eyes in an effort to shield you from that scandal, the abuses continued and kids are presently being harmed by additional members of our family. The thing about predation is that it’s an illness and it can’t be controlled by ignoring it. All that secrecy did was let the disease flourish within our own family.

You and I come from disparate places and the most valuable purpose I can serve is to share my insight, plus hard evidence. This seedy cadre of inlaws will be your demise if you don’t listen up and take corrective action now. Children are being exploited either in your name or on your watch, and you’re the only one who can stop this. The Trudeau stamp is on these crimes, through and through. It’s just that you’re blinded to how.

I know you believe that your part of the family is more civilized than mine and that sexual abuse can’t infect the silver spoon; but in this example the privileged members of our clan are preying on the most vulnerable, precisely because they have no resources to defend themselves. The abuse of power in your image is so great that it’s upsetting. Watching them use your money and power to scare, brutalize, and/or silence the kids is nearly paralyzing. This relates to stalking women in our family too.

This is going to be a long letter because I was cursed with the ability to tie things together. My vantage point is unique as a family member who remained constant through all the divorces, and as a witness to a particular set of criminal allegations that now involve you directly. Your branch of the family has gone to great lengths to silence these children, but I can’t let them succeed like they did with your roommate in Vancouver. If I let them silence me, more women and children will be violated.

Ultimately we’re going to discuss a serial problem with sexual predation in the Liberal Party of Canada and its provincial counterparts.


  • Christopher di Armani is a freedom-loving Amazon bestselling author and current events commentator from Lytton, BC, Canada, who strives to awaken the passion for liberty inside every human being.

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