1Corinthians 2: 9,10. 

But as it is written, I had not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered the heart of Man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him. For God has revealed them unto us by his Spirit, for the spirit searches, all things, yes. The deep things of God.  

1Corinthians 2: 12

Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the spirit, which is of God, that we might know the things that have really been given unto us of God. 

DECLARATION: If this article offends you then you better take a deep look at your walk and commitment. The statement: If you follow God then commit to him. If you discover you’re following Baal then you are faced with an eternal choice, only you can make. Remember Satan is a skilled Legalist, who uses your ignorance against you.  


We speak wisdom among those who are perfect.  (1Corinthians 2:6). Among those who are well instructed in Christianity and come to some maturity in the things of God. 

Those that receive the doctrine, this divine, and having been illuminated by the Holy Spirit, have looked well into it, discovered true wisdom in it. They not only understand the plan history of Yeshua (Christ) and him crucified but discerning the deep and admirable designs of the divine wisdom their end. 

No. What we preach is foolishness to the world. It is wisdom to them. They are made wise by it and can discern wisdom in it. Note those who are wise themselves are the only proper judges of what is wisdom, not indeed. The wisdom of this world, nor of the Prince, is of this world. But the wisdom of God is a mystery. (1Corinthians 2:6, 1Corinthians 2:7).

Not worldly wisdom, but divine, not such as the men of this world could have discovered, nor such as Worldly man under the direction of Pride and passion and appetite. And worldly interest, and destitute of the spirit of God. Can receive. Note: how different is the judgment of God, from what? 

1). From that of the world, he sees, if not as mania the wisdom he teaches is quite a different kind from what passes under what notion is in the world. It is not the wisdom of politicians, nor philosophers, nor rabbis.

Not such as they teach, nor such as they relish, but the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom of God. But he had a long time, kept to himself and concealed from the world, and the depth of which now it is revealed unto man. 

But that himself can fathom. It is the mystery which has been hidden from ages and generations. But now made manifest to the Saints. Hid in a manner entirely from the heathen world and made mysterious, by being wrapped up in dark types and distant prophecies.

Prophecies, but revealed and made known to us by the Spirit of God. The rise and origin of it. It was ordained of God before the world to our glory. (1Corinthians 2:7). 

It was ordained by God. He had determined long ago to reveal and make it known. For many ages’ past from the beginning, from eternity and that to our glory, the glory of the Apostles, or Christians?


It was a great honour put upon the Apostles to be entrusted with the revelation of this wisdom. It was great. It was a great and honourable privilege for Christians to have this glorious wisdom discovered to them, and the wisdom of God discovered to them. And the wisdom of God discovered in the gospel. The Divine Wisdom taught by the gospel. 

Prepares our Everlasting Glory and happiness in the world to come. The councils of God concerning our redemption are dated from eternity and designed for the glory and happiness of the Saints. And what deep wisdom was in these councils. 

1. The wisdom of God is both employed and displayed for the honour of the Saints employed from eternity and displayed in time to make them glorious both here and hereafter, and time to return it in honour does he put on his Saints. 

The ignorance of the Great Men of the world about it, which none of the Princes of this world (1Corinthians 2:8). The principle men are not authority and power, or in wisdom and learning.

The Roman governor and the guides and rulers of the Jewish church in notion and nation seemed to be the persons chiefly meant. These were the princes of this world or this age, who, had they known this true and heavenly wisdom, would not have crucified the Lord of Glory. 

This, Pilot, and the Jewish rulers did when our Redeemer was crucified upon the sentence of the one and the clamorous demands of the other. 

Yeshua (Jesus Christ) Is the Lord of glory a title much too great for any creature to bear, and the reason he was hated was that he was not known. Had his crucifiers known him, known who and what he was? 

They would have withheld their impious hands and not have taken and slain him. This he pleaded with his father for their pardon. “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34). 

Note: there are many things which people would not do if they knew the wisdom of God in the magnificent work of redemption. They act as they do because they are blind or oblivious. They know not the truth or will not attend to it. In their minds, they believe they are right and on the narrow path to eternal life. 

We here see by whom this wisdom is discovered to us. God has revealed to us by his spirit (1Corinthians 2:10). The scripture is given by inspiration of God. Holy men spoke of old as they were moved by the Holy Ghost, (2Peter 1:21). 

And the Apostles spoke by inspiration in the same spirit as he taught them and gave them utterance. Here is a proof of the Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures. 

Paul wrote, what he taught. And what he taught was revealed of God by his Spirit. That spirit that searches all things yes, the deep things of God and knows the things of God, as the spirit of a man that is in him knows the things of a man (1Corinthians 2:11). 

A double argument is drawn from these words and proof of the Divinity of the Holy Ghost. Omniscience is attributed to him, He searches all things, even the deep things of God. 

He has exact knowledge of all things and enters the very depths of God, penetrates his most secret counsels. Now, who can have such a thorough knowledge of God but God? 


  1. This illusion seems to imply that the Holy Spirit is as much in God as a man’s mind within himself. Now the mind of the man is plainly essential to him. He cannot be without his mind. 

Now, can God be without His Spirit? He is as much and as intimately one with God as a man’s mind is with the man. The man knows his own mind because his mind is one with himself. The spirit of God knows the things of God because he is one with God. 

And as no man can come to the knowledge of what is in another man’s mind till he communicates and reveals it, so neither can we know the secret counsels and purposes of God till they are made known to us by his Holy Spirit. 

We cannot know them at all till he had proposed them objectively, (as it is called) in the external revelation; we cannot know or believe them to salvation till he enlightens the faculty, opens the eyes of the mind, and gives us such a knowledge and faith of them. 

And it was by the spirit that the Apostles had received the wisdom of God in a mystery, which they spoke. “Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit, which is of God, that we might know the things freely given to us of God 1Corinthians 2:12). 

Not the Spirit, which is in the wise Men of the world (1Corinthians 2:6), nor in the rulers of the world (1Corinthians 2:8). But the spirit, which is of God, or went ahead from God. We have what we deliver in the name of God by inspiration from him, and it is by his gracious illumination and influence that we know the things freely given to us after Salvation. “That is the great privileges of the gospel, which are the free gift of God, distributions of mere and rich grace.”

Though these things are given to us, the revelation of this gift is made to us, we cannot know then to any saving purpose till we have the Spirit. The Apostles had the revelation of these things, from the Spirit of God, and the saving impression of them from the same Spirit.


We see here in what manner this wisdom was taught or communicated, which things we speak not in the words which man’s wisdom teaches, which the Holy Ghost teaches (1Corinthians 2:13). 

They had received the wisdom they taught, not from the Wise Men of the world, but from the Spirit of God. Nor did they put a human dress on it, but plainly declared the doctrine of Christ in terms also taught them by the Holy Spirit.

He not only gave them the knowledge of these things but gave them utterance. The truths of God need no garnishing by human skill or eloquence. 

But look best in the words which the Holy Ghost teaches. The spirit of God knows much better how to speak with the things of God than the best critics writers or philosophers.

Comparing spiritual things with spiritual one part of revelation with another. The revelation of the gospel with that of the Jews. The discoveries of the New Testament with the types and prophecies of the Old.

The comparing of matters of revelation with matters of science, things supernatural with things natural and common, is going by a wrong measure.

Spiritual things when brought together, will help to illustrate one another, but if the principles of human art and science are to be made a test, of revelation we shall certainly judge amiss concerning it, and the things contained in it.

Or adapting spiritual things to spiritual, speaking of spiritual matters, matters of Revelation and the spiritual life in language that is proper and plain. The language of the spirit of God is the most proper to convey his meaning. 


Greetings in the name of our Lord Yeshua. This article is showing that we cannot walk in the middle. We cannot straddle and walk on both sides. We must make a commitment. Unto our Lord Yeshua. Either we follow our Lord’s teachings or walk with Baal. There is no middle. 

Our world today. Is showing the lack of teachings and understanding of our Lord’s word. As the Jews and Roman Governor Pilot were without knowledge who they were about to murder. The same mistake is being repeated. Because of the lack of spiritual discernment, understanding, knowledge supporting pure commitment.

 Individuals are turning their back on God. In many cases this action is due to the lack of understanding-acceptance, and developing a trust (faith) in the actual power of the Holy Spirit, his connection to God, his teachings, and the spiritual secrets the scriptures unfold through his teachings and deepening of our relationship with Yeshua. 

As we are shown in this article. You cannot discern with worldly wisdom. You must use spiritual wisdom given to you by the Holy Spirit. The sad part of that statement. Is, those who have turned their back on the Lord, in many cases, do not realize they are doing so or are just ignoring the truth. 

The lack of understanding or discernment, of what it is the Holy Spirit is revealing comes because of ignorance fostered by arrogance. These gifts must come through the Holy Spirit so we can hold them as a part of our daily walk. 

When we try to substitute, worldly wisdom for spiritual wisdom. We fall short of the benefits spiritual wisdom would provide. And in falling short of the mark. We may not recognize or understand we are standing on our own. And we are separated from those gifts and will become reliant on Worldly wisdom and in many cases worldly [wizardry] and [sorcery] to deal with our physical maladies, and as a result out of desperation when this reality sets in reach out for God’s intervention only to find we are alone and separated. 

If your walk fits this description. And as the title suggests, you should then realize you are alone and separated.

Recognize, the goal of a discerning Christian, walking in a commitment to Salvation. Is to rejoin and reconnect, with God. This goal is achieved through a full commitment with Yeshua, God’s, Son as the doorway to our Father in heaven, by developing a spiritual relationship based in Trust which equals deep solid faith. 

As an example of how we take our eye off the Lord and fill our hearts with doubt and turn our thoughts to the world’s wisdom, for answers to our physical maladies. And in our own minds dangerously believe we are serving you may not like what is shown in Luke 13:25 KJV When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are. Many will wonder how this could happen to them. In Galatians 3:10. If we put ourselves on trial, we are certainly cast, and lost, and undone for as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse, as many as depend upon the merit of their own works as their righteousness. As plead not guilty and insist upon their own justification, the cause will certainly go against them. For it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of of the law, to do them and Deut. 27:26. 

For those who want to defend their position, I suggest you turn to Psalms 91:9-16, you will find if you abide in the Holy Spirits teachings there are three promises for you. Keep in mind our Lord does not lie and only honour’s true commitment. 

1) There will be no evil visiting our lives no plagues will visit, and we will be protected by angels from all dangers. 

2). We supplied power to destroy all of enemies, power, and wisdom to recognize and ward off all attacks from our enemies. 

3). We will be supplied for abundantly, as well we will have a long healthy life.  

As proof, check this out. 

Luke 8:43-44 KJV

And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any, [44] Came behind him, and touched the border of his garment: and at once her issue of blood stanched.


In closing I will ask this prayerfully convicting question. How many of you by declaring yourselves followers of Yeshua’s teachings and walk, have unknowingly called him a liar through your actions of ignorance? 

If this article offends you then you better take a deep look at your walk and commitment. The statement is If you follow God then follow him. If you find your following Baal then you are faced with an eternal choice, only you can make. 




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Yeshua as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ”Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom, and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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