On February 15, 2016, I released this warning to Canadians of what was at stake, the article points out what Canada was founded on. The citizen’s who made and currently makeup Canada, and how the world saw and respected Canada as a God-fearing nation to immigrate too and assimilate into its various cultural backgrounds.

Unfortunately, these values have been slowly eradicated by the current leadership, who is turning Canada into a puppet nation of the NWO style of governing. Under the guise of obtaining a seat with the United Nations Security Council, P.M. Trudeau is slowly destroying the culture which took 100+ years to build. In just over 4 years he has caused a major rift between the Central/ Eastern province and Western provinces.   

To better understand what is occurring in Canada this article explains P.M. Trudeau’s real position which he took shortly after his first election in August 2016.  https://romboughrobert.wordpress.com/2020/03/27/trudeaus-true-position-3/

I believe, explains his past and current financial and political position with all the Muslim controlled countries in the Middle East and African nations. It also reveals why it is so important his bid for a UN Security Council seat is his ultimate goal.

His current speech, if you read or listen carefully, lays out his intention to be a part of the Islamic brotherhood formed in that council. Trudeau uses speech to pitch African envoys for UN security council seat http://ctv.news/UIDZRba

His pursuit for this seat I believe explains his arrogant dealings with the current Government and the media as exampled in this video of how the PMO is strong-arming investigative journalists. 


The fears of this form of dealing with the media are expressed in this link, Terrifying’: US watchdog denounces Trudeau govt’s push to control Canada’s free press | News | LifeSite https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/terrifying-us-watchdog-denounces-trudeau-govts-push-to-control-canadas-free-press.

So we recognize there is a serious war being waged against our culture and way of life right under our noses. What are you prepared to do about it? What can we do about it? How do we as Canadians fight back against this onslaught of our culture and traditions?

Good questions “EH”! Do you just sit back and say well it’s too late they have a leg up on us so what can we do?  In my previous article “The Real Death of a Nation Its Culture and World Position” I expressed my opinion on what I believe was the weapon our foe is using against us “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” and our Charter of Rights.  

So how do we as law abiding citizens and of course true blue Canadians whether born or naturalized, as concerned citizens confront this serious dilemma. I for one believe it is not wrong to point out to those who are suggesting they are being offended by our spiritual beliefs or traditional customs, whether its prayer or a subtle greeting or a form of symbolism.

Such as a cross or picture, that the actual Citizens (Canadians who have grown up and hold them as their standards and symbols within their life) are truly the ones being offended, by those who have been welcomed and warmly invited into a nation willing to accept them and their religion and traditions, but refuse to assimilate into our nation’s culture and traditions and desire to remove them as such, in many ways we now understanding his true position why he supports this movement.

It is my opinion for what it is worth, the Canada I grew up in and am proud to say I’m a citizen of, was founded on the following structure. Those who immigrated here and developed this country used their beliefs and knowledge of what was left behind. Many of them came with little or next to nothing, but were holding onto the belief they could build a better life in a new country.

Canada was founded and flourished as a Christian Nation excepting all forms of religious beliefs brought in by this generation of Immigrants, who saw a country where dreams could come true and cultures could flourish and survive without persecution by tyrants or cultures.

This was the Canada I grew up in,  populated by various cultures who created pockets within the provinces, cities and communities throughout Canada and weaved the strengths of each of their cultures through assimilation into the fabric of what the World saw as a Great Nation, who stood for a life where there was understanding and acceptance, but most of all opportunities, for growth under an umbrella of peace and acceptance.

The world saw Canada as a nation of people who were tolerant and peaceful yet could demonstrate strength drawn from the various cultures which made up Canada, when required whether through diplomacy or militarily when called upon.

The Canada I grew up in was seen as a non aggressive nation, but one that could and would stand up for it’s form of Democracy created by those who had earlier fled tyranny and suppression and used that knowledge and understanding  to found this nation on Christian principles and beliefs.

I have spoken to many of the next generation immigrants, who did make up the Canadian citizens and desired to add to the strength of this country as natural-born citizens. But are expressing embarrassment and disappointment, because their efforts to incorporate their cultural strengths are being stymied and being painted with the same brush as those claiming to be offended under the guise of “Political Correctness”. 

The Canada I see today is placing itself into a position of passiveness, allowing those who would use our Charter of Rights to change the very foundation of our Countries structure based on the knowledge of those who fled this form of religious Tyranny and religious suppression a Century ago. 

How do we fight this form of warfare? I believe the first thing required of all truly concerned Canadians, who in one form or another recognize what is transpiring before their eyes, is to become vocal ( not insulting, obnoxious or vindictive)  express your concern to other concerned Canadians.

Don’t stay silent fearing you will insult or offend by being a solid Canadian, as this is what the real enemy to our culture and beliefs wants us to do step back in fear we are offending. Again I point out it is we as Canadian Citizens whether born or naturalized, who are being truly offended by our own laws protecting those trying to undermine our nation’s very foundation and principles it was founded on.  

We need to speak out not in fear but in the knowledge of what our immigrant forefathers had laid out for us to build on as a nation ( which I believe we have set aside in the name of “Political Correctness” and the desire to be seen as accommodating) and have generously welcomed (through political posturing) those wanting to change our countries structure to suit their beliefs, willingly.

But we as concerned citizens are quite satisfied with the structure of our country as it is; and further we are tired of being insulted and offended by their demands of change through “Political Correctness”.

If you truly believe in the form of Canada that was  founded on freedoms, and not religious Tyranny or religious suppression, then its time to stand up, and speak out what you truly believe as your standard of Canadianism is and protect those rights, traditions and customs, which we were raised on. And let those who are desiring to suppress us through their religious beliefs know they are offending you, our country, those who have assimilated and truly adopted Canada as their country and home and it’s not going to happen without them knowing it.

Canadians its time to speak out or your silence will spell defeat to our culture and country as we knew and grew up and believed in, its your choice true Canadians.

Do I believe there will be repercussions to this and future articles I am willing to publish? Certainly, but I also believe in the real Canadians of this great country who come from all different cultural origins, will stand against the religious Tyranny and Suppression being openly demonstrated and quietly accepted.

This Canada is the real war being waged against us that guns and open warfare couldn’t win, but is slowly defeating us through a thousand slashes by our religious suppressors through “Political Correctness”. 

Remember this is just the humble opinion of a concerned Canadian Citizen for what it is worth.





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Yeshua as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ”Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom, and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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