I was asked to identify how I maintain my youthful composure; I stated I walk in the spirit and received varied questions and thoughts of what I meant about my answer.

This article will reveal how FAITH’s use affects us and how walking in faith became a skill to keep me looking as though I am in my mid-sixties even though I have just turned 75 and am healthy, agile and mentally alert.

In this article, I desire to show how stress can and does become the greatest thief in your life. I encourage living and walking in faith, which will prevent Stress from slowly stealing your physical appearance, via effective use of faith as a skill rather than just a word we speak.

Faith is what I use as an effective skill to remain free, agile, thoughtful, aspiring, developing, and most of all, thankful to Yeshua, for the ability to enjoy what I am doing, living and sharing. All in the service of our Lord Yeshua.

For those who are wondering how I see faith in my life, “here you go.” Faith is the experience life is providing for me; Trust in our Lord’s promises is a skillful tool to identify those events that I draw from, thus showing me how to deal with and overcome the many twists and turns presented daily. No matter how deep or menacing they appear, these challenges increase my faith but most of all they bring wisdom and peace into my life dispelling fear and confusion eliminating stress.

I work with FAITH  to keep my life free, agile, thoughtful, aspiring, developing, and most of all, thankful, I am doing what I enjoy. Providing life’s enhancements so others can go through their life’s journey, being free, agile, thoughtful, aspiring, developing, and most of all, thankful for what they are doing and enjoying. Believe me, with Yeshua, it is possible.

Life is experience gained through the time we spend searching for answers to the many complex questions presented as hurtles to conquer as we journey forward through our life (remember FAITH is a skill and not just a word used to enhance your life).

Many will miss what FAITH’s skills have to offer because they choose being busy dealing with various distractions presented as life’s issues, which by the time they realize what they have missed, “it’s too late. Only to realize they have paid a price for things they have no control over or are able to influence or change. 

.””Life waits for no one,” it advances whether you’re consciously aware of what it is offering. If you’re distracted by temptations, it passes, and all you will be left with are the memories of those distractions (usually events you had no control over or could change and stress about them), but absolutely nothing else.

Using FAITH as a skill is a journey filled with many choices; some lead to success, some to additional questions, but most to answers which develop our skills. Whichever presents itself, each answer brings forward more understanding, wisdom and discernment.  

The word FAITH is what you interpret and believe it adds to your life. In whatever decade you’re passing through life’s journey, look for the time in that decade, which was the most productive and pleasurable for you. Capture those thoughts, and each day from that moment forward, live those thoughts through and with FAITH, using them as skills.

After each decade of life, use this formula to capture that time in the decade to refresh your thought process. If the previous thoughts still provide the most satisfying position in life, keep those as your thought process moving forward in health and mental state. Recognize these moments are the gifts Yeshua blessed you with through your walk-in Faith.

I am just entering into the fifth year of my 7th decade; I still use those thoughts which I held in my fourth decade, but am continually growing in knowledge and experience and never relinquish the learning process and mentally set the ageing process aside by using FAITH’s skills; however that said recognize and acknowledge I can’t stop or prevent the ageing of my temple. I can, though, influence what affects my temple. 

Just so you know, there is more to come, but I believe there is quite a bit to absorb here and am signing off at this point; I will continue talking about the skill of using FAITH as I know what it has to offer, as I live in it daily.

“All the best, everyone” I know once you step back and honestly take a look where you’re at in life’s journey, I believe you will find your way out of the box you have trapped yourself in by first shedding stress from your life’s journey which is stealing your ability to use FAITH as a skill. 

Remember, these thoughts are just the opinion of a Watchman as an encouragement to be with our Lord constantly.



About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ”Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom, and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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