Let me be clear, if you are looking to have your ears tickled, you’re in the wrong place. Unless, you are tired of being placated, and seen as merchandise. But are looking to deepen your faith and further develop your personal relationship with Yeshua, then I pray, you will find what you’re seeking, through the messages of our Lord’s love and compassion shared by the Holy Spirit and offered here.

Do daily assessments with diligence, from there, make your choices wisely, as they will affect your Eternity and which path you will follow. Remember Satan uses our curiosity and ignorance to Gods laws to cause us to stumble. The Trumpet has sounded “Amen.”

Today there are many forms of communication. Within those forms we find multiple pieces of information, some deeply troubling. Some uplifting and inspiring.

The Lord offered a simple call to the world, while walking amongst the people. It consisted of two words “Follow Me,” initially spoken to 12 men, who Yeshua desired personally to teach what it meant to obey His simple call. Why, was his call so important to the world? What could those 12 men offer those populating the world then and especially in today’s, information over burdened, society?

If, I said a new life, an eternal peace, a Celestial body without pain, without lusting, one that remained eternal were available. Would you believe it possible, or could you comprehend these gifts?

How can these words compete with all the comforts and luxuries being offered to today’s individuals? All the communication toys and physical trinkets as distractions and giving the appearance of making life simple, leisurely and comfortable making it difficult to give up so it seems.

There are claims of medical procedures to extend your life and pharmaceuticals and engineered technologies claiming to assist you as a human being. But in fact they are meant to be dehumanizing, with the ability to take God out of your lives, Creating an obedient humanoid. For those elites and scientists to dominate and eventually utilize.

The warnings which were issued of what was involved in the inoculations currently are proving to be true rather than conspiracy theories.

What I am about to reveal has some very upsetting ramification’s for those outside of abiding in the Lord. As well a very important point I must reveal, this information is for those who in their minds believe they are answering the Lord’s call “Follow Me.”

As I survey what possibly lies ahead for those in the world having taken the Vaccine. Today I stand before the assembly as a messenger, repeating the three gifts the Lord offers through the scriptures for those who truthfully are abiding with Him. Those gifts being protection, knowledge, and long life featured in Psalms 91:1-8; 9-16. This is where the power and importance of the two words “Follow Me,” become so obvious.

Those abiding in the world and it’s science and technology claim to believe because they can touch it, feel it, and recognize it operating in their lives. Whereas, those who believe and abide in the Lord do it through faith and trust without seeing, touching, and feeling something tangible.

It is important for believers to recognize when we follow by faith, we become that tangible living proof, through our demonstration of living without the presence of disease, manipulation, suppression or fear and confusion operating in our lives. Living with the assurance all is well in the hands of Yeshua’s angels.

Knowing our homes and families are under this protection, and as well being provided the knowledge understanding and spiritual wisdom to discern what the promise of long life asserts, we are in the hands of the lords angels, and it is the Father who knows our time to join Him eternally.

What’s becoming obvious, is how and why the Lord is putting his church through a purge, when you study the horizon of what is in store for those who have turned their trust, belief and faith to the worlds answer of the current malady and future maladies.

My last 70 years of searching to answer a five year old’s question of how the fourth person in the furnace was able to protect Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-nego, You see his call is quite simple yet very specific, it is with all your heart and soul without any other god’s before you.

For the protection to be around us as it was for those three in the furnace we like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego must in our hearts be willing to bow down to Yeshua only, even if it means being thrown into the furnace of life with a possibility of demise. This statement brings me to this very difficult question for all to look at.

The question I have for those believers who in their minds believe God needs the worlds help to heal maladies. Perhaps a serious look, at why, as a believer you would abandon your faith possibly out of fear of going home to be with the Father. Or possibly you have doubt in your heart like Peter who lost sight of Yeshua by looking at the storm and sunk calling out to Yeshua who will lift you, and might state like he did to those in the boat “Oh Ye of Little Faith?

For me stating I am not fearful of passing, because I have full trust in the Lord’s promise that if I stand on, in and by my faith, I will through all the Holy Spirit has taught me and I applied as part of my faith.

Has brought me to understand how Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego were willing to be thrown into the furnace as in their minds they were honouring their belief they were worshipping God with all their hearts mind and soul and were prepared to die for that truth and refused to kneel before any other god.

Many should place this question before themselves as part of their assessment of walk and relationship to Yeshua. Am I prepared to meet Yeshua, if faced with having to dishonour my faith or suffer the possibility of dying. I relate to this article of my recent sifting by Satan.

As I related at the beginning of this article if you are looking to have your ears tickled you’re in the wrong place. We know not the time when the Lord will finish the purging of His church and lift those in his righteous church out, as sin continues to grow and darkness deepens. This is not the time to avoid looking at your relationship nor believing all is well with your journey. Like Paul stated we must strive constantly to make sure our name is in the Book of Life.

I state for all those who believe God works through doctor’s, look at the woman who spent all her money on doctors and found no answer to her malady, and when she turned to her faith and reached out and just touched the Lord’s garment and was healed, because as I found when being sifted, until I denied what Satan was offering as relief and stated to the Lord that without any doubt in my heart I was standing on my faith, even if it meant my demise as I had no fear of meeting Yeshua. That was when I was relieved of the pain, Trust in the Lord. I am going to state it is easy to say I love Yeshua and have faith he will heal me, it is something more to actually have a malady in your life and stand on faith as you are being tempted to take the world’s way out.

Just keep in mind Peter as long as he kept his eyes fixed on Yeshua he walked on water, take your mind off of the malady fix them totally on God knowing in your heart he will heal you. Over come the fear Satan is using about your demise, by reminding him you will be with Yeshua and the Father that much sooner.

Matthew 7:14 KJVS
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Do daily assessments with due diligence, from there, make your choices wisely, as they will affect your Eternity and which path you will follow. Remember, Satan uses our curiosity and ignorance to Gods laws to cause us to stumble. The Trumpet has sounded “Amen.” Go in peace.


About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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