Today I was greeted with a salutation of joy and hope. The pictures above represent a call from the Father in heaven. That call initially was to aid widows in need become free from poverty by having a garden started providing ongoing sustenance.

As we know the Lord never reveals all in the beginning as He allows those servants called an opportunity to heed, answer and begin performing. As time moves forward there is more revealed to those he has touched to lead this mission to a successful conclusion.

And, as I said, I was greeted today with a joy filled greeting, one filled with hope. I want to share in this article how the Lord is giving me additional information to present to this small group of obedient servants.

Here is my reply to the Evangelist who is being lifted up by our Father; Blessings and another glorious day to do our Fathers bidding, providing fodder for the flock and teachings which will afford comfort and protection from the enemy.

As I pondered that reply I realized this was more than an answer, it was our Father’s way of encouraging us to go beyond what we see ourselves doing in obedience. For me it opened the door to bring an explanation to this group in obedience of who it is we are being obedient too and why.

Here is that message; I want to share this with the group, so you all know and recognize who you have committed to. What is there to say, we vet every Pastor or minister wanting to join the NETWORK?

We ask questions to reveal the intent of the heart. There can be no iniquity before our Lord and His work. Someone said it is a misunderstanding. Explain how you telling me you were a priest and the Bishop a pastor, where is the misunderstanding. Then they say but it was a misinterpretation, if you truly are a man of God, you know there cannot be one lie before the Lord; and from the heart is spoken the intent of the heart and if a falsehood it reveals the true intent.

Yes, we are to forgive, and forgiveness is given, apologies accepted. The bottom line, that one falsehood, revealed the intent, and it is not for the good of the widows or poor.

Many think, this is my doing or Bishop Evans doing, you are in error; both, were given the same message and calling, and in obedience, to begin this mission. It is of our Lord, and as an obedient servant as Yeshua’s Watchman, I will protect the flock and this mission, to see the message God wants the world to see and hear, there is an error in the Ecclesia, and they need to correct it.

Those who come to us, will be screened and selected and presented as first dedicated servants, obedient to their calling as Yeshua’s leaders and teachers; setting an example of holiness, supported by integrity, and honesty, making them beneficial instruments our Father in Heaven can display to the world; how a country steeped in corruption to the core can be freed from that corruption by these few demonstrating His power of Love and compassion. There is no place for an individual with his own agenda in that walk.

Then, it becomes clear as I learn how to campaign for funding, as the Lord did not provide startup funds only wisdom, desire dedication, and determination. What he is revealing is just how deep this error within the Ecclesia has penetrated.

As an example I sent out pleas, pictures, and details of how the work is changing the lives of those we have been able to touch. I received thumbs up and likes and in one instance an example of why the hearts of the Assembly have hardened. This gentleman replied to an appeal, “We gave donations willingly and they took 95% for administration so we stopped giving.” The enemy at work stealing the desire to help but more than that from seeking out honest groups who are helping.

In this statement, at first, I saw as a rebuke of the mission, then quickly understood why the Lord had placed it in our messages. He was identifying some of the reason the hearts of the Ecclesia have been hardened.

In a small way they have allowed the enemies greed to sway them from seeking reputable causes to support. As well, I received we support many charities working in different parts of Africa. Which is admirable but brings a question to mind, then why are there so many widows and orphans living in poverty and seeking sustenance to survive.

Please do not misunderstand my statements, and let’s keep focus of what is being revealed by the Lord, there is an error in the Assemblies globally, and needs to be addressed.

That is not to say there isn’t many different good causes being brought forward and changing lives in many different countries. The warning is such that there is a segment of the Ecclesia’s spiritual family being missed or possibly ignored; because it is being seen as a unsurmountable mountain, a supposed problem without an answer.


The Lord in His wisdom has provided a venue for the Ecclesia to view what the error is, as you watch this video replace the pregnant homeless woman with a widow who may have a child or children to feed. I believe the Lord wants us to see how the least of these His children are being neglected. How many consciously turn away their eyes and heads to avoid the guilt. There is a saying out of sight out of mind, then the question I ponder what does the 2nd Commandment say do unto your neighbour as you would yourself. I guess because this problem is a few thousand miles away it’s easy to apply that saying out of sight out of mind.

I started a NETWORK of pastors, quickly moving throughout Kenya’s 47 counties, we are being very cautious who we take in; as corruption is rampant. We vet the pastors and the widows for need as we are looking for needy, then campaign for funding $50 US $65 Can and once received, Bishop Evans Pastor Mukwa, the hub person there, is forwarded the funds, he then after vetting the need disperses the money to a previously vetted pastor, and they start the garden, and as an alternative we are hoping to soon begin offering a goats as a form of long term sustenance.

To emphasize how far this mission has affected the lives of many widows in one of the 47 counties Pastor Davis Wafula Machimbo is assisting a group of serious widows organize a group named “Kenya Network-Widow Empowerment,” their mandate will be concerning education of their children. What this reveals is how in a short period of time, God using volunteers to fulfill his promise to provide and answer prayer physically is affecting the lives of many.

These women are the representatives of the newly formed group called “Kenya Network-Widow Empowerment.” They have chosen to lift themselves out of the prison of Poverty to give their children an opportunity through education to be free.

If this message has stirred you to become an instrument of help, you can contribute towards a garden or possibly a goat, we have several widows needing a door way out of poverty.

Funding a garden or Goat $65 CAN or $50 US opens that door to free a woman from poverty by answering God’s call. Know your contribution is reaching around the world to bring change into the lives of women and children in real time.

You can begin contributing by sending it via etransfer to 7804970612 or globally with PayPal @robertrombough. Currently I have nine widows and one teen Orphan looking after his family in the queue waiting for a garden or goat to change. As we rely on contributions and tithings to fund please note: we take no admin fee the only cost applied is minimal transfer fees. We anticipate and look forward to you contributing once and encourage regularly as a tithing.

My question to all who have witnessed the previous video as the Watchman’s warning of the error in our society, I question how many could say they have been unthinkingly in that crowd.

I am representing a number of widows and an orphaned teen supporting his siblings in Kenya who are not pregnant but are in a similar plight even if this was staged theirs is not, it is very real every day we are asking for a contribution of $65 Cn or $50 US to open the door to removing them from poverty, by starting a garden or providing them with a goat for sustenance.

Will, you unthinkingly, pass these by as well, unfair you say you are using this as a guilt trip. Yes, because sometimes we need a spiritual jog or spiritual boot in the rear, to wake us up. If you are inclined to contribute because I guilted you into it know this what you contribute you will see how it affects the life of a woman some thousands of miles away.

When you see the smiles of joy and relief as well the joy in their hearts, knowing they are going to have food on their table, your guilt quickly fades, and turns into elation you were an instrument of God, helping Him fulfil his promise to provide.

Blessings to all.

Robert and Bunnie Marie Irwin Rombough

About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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