There are many exciting details to bring forward, it is appropriate to update on Annie’s condition in the hospital. Her diagnosis revealed a swollen abdomen, and she is being passionately treated, we will hear more from her sister as she progresses.

That is good news leading us into even more exciting news on the home front of the KEWIEN-RRI group itself. The group is expanding into the Philippines, by associating with Pastor Rino and Richlun Ochia, who are organizing a chapter in the Mountain region of Sogod Cebu. This couple are bringing God’s word to the people of this mountain region. They are based out of Cebu city Philippine’s.

Richlyn, in the purple blouse, is praying, there need to complete their church building is fulfilled and the NETWORK is reaching out on behalf of the Ochia’s, to the local churches within the Filipino community in the Edmonton area, to see if they will sponsor this church to completion and ongoing operation. We ask that all lift their prayers petitioning our Father in heaven to fill their hearts with compassion.

More exciting news, one more garden was started by Bishop Davis Wafula Machimbo, for Rose who is standing in her garden. I am reporting the weather in Rosemary’s district is causing the planting to be delayed, we have decided to replace the garden with a goat as the ground has become too swampy as well the season for gardening is quickly ending and planting late in overly wet soil would be a waste.

However, that still takes two widows out of poverty and uplifts their self-worth and esteem. But more than anything provides sustenance, renews HOPE, and proves pleas and prayers are answered. And without HOPE, there is truly little to look forward to in life.

Now we get down to business, here are some brief descriptions, about these widowed women who are in our queue awaiting contributions to fund their assistance. I thought some informative details of the daily plights they are facing:

The first is Florence Mulongo
Age 52 Years Old.
Has children, one Son…died due to Aids. Caring for five grandchildren.
Husband died 2015 from High Blood Pressure.

We look at Isabel Mideva
Age 40 Years.
Lives on a point acre plot.
Four Children.
Ages between 20 years and 10 Years.
All attending School.
They work as casual laborers.
Daily wage one dollar.
Husband died due to Kidney failure.

We see Jane Chebeti Simiyu’s plight
Age 49 Years
Six Children
Ages between nineteen & six years.
The husband died due to a heart attack.

Remember, these are the women who are now organizing themselves as an advocacy group for educating their children.

The next widow is Everline Nakhumicha Wanyama…
50 Years
9 Children.
All working as casual laborer’s
Few going to School.
The husband succumbs to a stroke.

Each widow has her own story

Beatrice Chilande Wanjala.
60 Years.
9 Children… Three disabled.
Two Working as Casual laborer’s
Four have Died. Husband in 2018 found dead on a roadway.

And we finish with

Florence Mwanje
47 Years. 7 Children, 22 Years to 12 Years.
Casual laborers.
Husband died due to an accident with a donkey.

I explained to Bishop Davis, in his blue suit jacket, we are hoping to begin a hatchery to hatch out 60 chicks at a time, which we will then group two widows and provide them ten chicks as a starter flock with a bag of mash, and of course once funds are available some may receive a goat as a substitute, depending on the grouping and of course the contributions.

I should explain how we have excluded the corrupt crowd who are using the less fortunate, some even portraying themselves as needy widows, to obtain illicit money.

To protect those who are vulnerable and prevent funds from being swindled, our first line of defense, is the style of NETWORK being formed and implemented throughout the forty-seven counties. My first order of business was to find a reputable man of God to be the Hub person, the go to guy, who would coordinate what is planned for now and the future.

Bishop Evans Mukwa was led by the Lord as he received the same calling as I received. The NETWORK when represented in the forty-seven counties will have one Bishop, Pastor, or minister who has gone through our vetting system. They will need to provide a certificate of the validity of the church and have been verified by an elder or a church board member, as an active pastor, minister, or Bishop, who as well must provide their ordination certificate.

In this manner there will be no opportunity for the corrupt to infiltrate, and as we provide sustenance to more widows, and the widows and poor are removed from under the shadow of poverty the swindlers will have no front to cover them. For those concerned whether the widows need is real, all, are vetted for need, by the sponsoring Pastor before they offer the widows name. Bishop Evans does a follow up call to verify there is real need, before the funds, animal, or flock are released.

If this update has stimulated, you to contribute, know that 100% (less transfer fees only) will be used to provide that doorway out from under poverty for the widows. There are three methods available for you to contribute, the one in Canada is an etransfer to 7804970612, the next is Western Union send to Robert Rombough, the third method is through PayPal send it to @robertrombough if sending US funds, to save exchange costs, please click on the receiver panel and use the menu to select US funds there will be no exchange loss and we will be able to use the full amount. Thank you to all who have in the past saw fit to contribute, we pray you will consider placing us on your tithing list.

Blessings to all.

Robert and Bunnie Marie Irwin Rombough.

About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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