September 23rd, 2021, Update on the NETWORKS current events needs and accomplishments. We never know how our moment of compassion is going to affect others’ lives, many we will never meet physically. But will have a profound spiritual lasting effect on their lives.

For example, the latest appeal for contributions has yielded the amount required to purchase a 352-egg incubator. This will allow the NETWORK to assist up to 32-35 widows every 30 days with a flock of ten chicks. The significance to these contributors, is, their compassion will be ongoing for the next 20 years, which is the life span of the incubator.

These figures are not speculative they are according to the hatchings from each batch of fertilized eggs. What these contributors may have thought was a one-time assistance the NETWORK has been able to extrapolate it into an ongoing gift of compassion reaching 595 widows annually and eventually 11,900 widows over a 20-year period. The saying a little bit counts and in this situation it has stretched enormously.

Further events and accomplishments, fundraisers are about to be organized for the various counties on board to assist in the development of gardens, and various husbandry (Goats, Sheep, and various fowl). We will be using our newly developed Logo in all events as well as signs identifying those individuals, we have been able to assist, making the public aware the NETWORK is hard at work putting poverty to rest throughout Kenya.

As reported earlier there have been some garden achievements and germinations of those planted earlier the following link is an example of the influence this mission is having on the God-fearing members taking the initiative to expand their outreach to the widows’ in their county.

We are adopting an approach to have other pastors and bishop’s taking on the initiative in their counties to do the same.

Even more good news, the NETWORK, is again expanding into Uganda creating a chapter under the supervision of Maria A Mary a school teacher who resides in Jinja Uganda with her husband Pastor Kyakuva who as well holds a position as a social worker.

Both are the founders of an Orphanage School named Citizen Education Voice & Action. Unfortunately, Covid19 restrictions have closed the school, but they must continue providing sustenance. The pastor and a few parishioner’s at times assist with funding for this need.

The appeal to the NETWORK for assistance is to initially fund the seeding of three acres of land Maria owns. This would amply feed these wayward children under the couple’s care. Funding of $150 would seed the three acres of land. The NETWORK will upon hatching provide a flock of twenty-five chicks.

As Maria explains the school has been closed due to the Covid mandate. The children are remaining in their residence until the school can re-open.

The following collage are some of the Bishops and Pastors vetted and representing the NETWORK to Bury Poverty in Kenya’s counties.

To date I believe Bishop Mukwa has vetted some nine or ten counties presently at this time of publishing we have not received their pictures and will publish and acknowledge their work and affiliation.

Any amount you might be able to contribute will go a long way in assisting the NETWORK and those we are attempting to assist. As you may recognize a contribution of $50 will be a part of assisting 11,900 Widows over the next twenty years, by making equipment available to assist for that period of time; no amount is too small it’s what we are able to do with it today will help in the future as well. You can send it via transfer to 7804970612 as well the email address is, the account is set up to direct deposit; or use Western Union send it to Robert James Rombough, and finally to PayPal direct it to @robertrombough it will be deposited in the appropriate account.

To remove any fears of you losing money to a swindle here is how I have organized the system. The NETWORK consists of vetted ordained pastors and Bishops (pictured above) throughout the forty-seven counties within Kenya.

Bishop Evan Mukwa is the individual overseeing the operation in Kenya. The pastors are vetted as follows; their church affiliations verified by the church’s accreditation. They are then verified as an active pastor or Bishop by an elder and deacon of their church, a character reference is sought. We then obtain their ordination certificate.

There are several questions pertaining to their work within their community in respect to poverty. All these factors create a team of God-fearing men having integrity and compassion for the least of their flocks.

We take every step to keep the costs down on the movement of funds to Kenya. We do not take an administration fee the only fees paid are transfer fees which are minimal. We suggest if you are sending US funds through PayPal click on the receiver slot and use the popup menu to change the currency to U.S. funds, there will be no exchange fees charged.

We want to thank all who are willing to assist. God’s Blessings

“You enquire when it will come and are not aware that it is already begun to be set up in the “midst of you.”

Robert and Bunnie Marie Irwin Rombough

About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ”Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom, and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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